What’s happening at Court and Main?


In the continuing goal to increase the communication level and involve the citizens of Washington C.H., the Washington C.H. city council is currently working hard to update the current city website. At the start of the year, one of our major goals that we deemed vastly important was communication. One item that we felt would be a great starting point was to update the current city’s website and its functionality.

The current project is in the planning stages and we have had several in-depth meetings to discuss what it is that citizens want and need. We have had multiple discussions with surrounding communities such as Beavercreek and Circleville. They have been a great resource in answering questions we have had in regards to functions of their websites and needs and wants of their citizens. The multitudes of services that can be offered and available for our citizens with today’s modern technology are tremendous.

We are looking at many exciting functions that will streamline the ability to offer quick communication to report any issues with city services. One example would be the ability to take a picture of a pot hole, upload it and send with the information via a smartphone direct to the Service Department. This would allow increased functions available to citizens, but these would also give city employees a better process and workflow capabilities. This will make their jobs more efficient and thus saving taxpayer money.

Some other functions we are researching will give the citizens the ability to receive text or email alerts for a multitude of issues such as a boil alert, road closure and any other events. The current ability to pay utilities online would remain and be easier as the new site would be a mobile friendly website making it easier to use multiple devices.

There are many other functions that we are researching, and would love to hear from anyone in the community if there is something that they would like to discuss or see added. I would suggest taking some time and research other community’s websites and bring up any ideas that you may have.

All the members of City Council are working diligently to increase the communication levels and would love to have the community’s input on what we can do to continue this effort. Feel free to contact and give feedback to the City Manager Joe Denen, myself or council members Dale Lynch, Leah Foster, Kim Bonnell, Kendra Redd- Hernandez, Ted Hawk and Jim Chrisman.

Trent Dye is a member of the Washington C.H. City Council.


By Trent Dye

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