Pancoastburg area receives outside warning siren


With the help and support of local organizations, the Pancoastburg community now has an outside warning system.

The Fayette County Commissioners, Madison Township Trustees and the office of the Fayette County Emergency Agency came together to accomplish this task, according to Fayette County EMA Director Fulton Terry. The warning system, which is recognized by the loud wailing, will not only be helpful to the citizens of that community but to the surrounding area as well as the Deer Creek Lake area.

The warning system is designed to alert those who are outside that something dangerous is approaching. When the siren is activated, Terry and the Fayette County EMA encourage the community to use caution and go inside. Tuning to local media will also help to get more information, Terry said.

“It has been my goal for awhile to get a siren out that direction to help with all of the people who are out there, especially at Deer Creek, fishing or working,” Terry said. “DP&L still has to wire it up, but I did have them test it out while I was around and it works fine. It turns 360 degrees and will warn everyone of some serious issues.”

While in his position, Terry has successfully helped to bring three other outside warning systems to the county: One at each mall, both stop 35 Tanger Outlets and the Old 41 Mall, as well as one at Miami Trace Schools makes 17 total systems in the county.

“Most of the others have been put up by governments, townships and other places,” Terry said. “The system cost over $22,000, with half of that being paid through grant processes. The hope is that these systems help to save lives. This will hopefully be a blessing and definitely relieves my mind a bit knowing they can be better prepared. If you hear one of the sirens, please do not go chase after it. Have a plan ready in the event of an emergency and take all of the precautions you can.”

Testing of outside warning sirens and indoor weather monitors will occur on the fourth Friday of each month at noon, unless threatening conditions occur. Sirens will continue to be activated until the warning is past. There will be no all-clear signal and citizens are encouraged to purchase indoor weather systems for their safety.

The State-wide Severe Weather Awareness Week is March 20 through 26 with a tornado drill to be held on Wednesday, March 23 at 9:50 a.m.

By Martin Graham

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