The Essence of our Goals


I was out for a run, and during these bouts, so much discomfort happens. Thoughts are racing faster than my legs, so my pace accelerates just a smidge faster than it should be. This is okay though. It teaches me to slow myself down. Patience.

It is windy and in the wrong direction. Directly headed into my face and making me feel 10 pounds heavier. It’s still okay though. Sometimes, this is the push we need. Perseverance.

When I get back it’s still not over. The body stiffens quickly so I must stretch to ease it back into a steady state. It would be easier to just sit around, but will not aid in my recovery. The achiness can be uncomfortable, but yet another lesson. Discipline.

Then it happens. I feel my body free itself. The discomfort transcends into elation. I did it and nothing can take away the feeling or the moment. Not a concern on my mind. Those are too small compared to this.

Food tastes better. Clothes seem more fitting. I can think with clarity and this is what I have to share. What I want to share.

The essence of our goals is to breathe freely, to breathe easily, and to enjoy that breath in as many colorful ways as possible. This is what makes life so beautiful. We’re in such a rush to hold that breath, or to hold that thought, for something greater that may come.

If I could give you a taste of that elated air you would realize the greater something is already here. But it can not be handed to you. You must go through your own discomforts and lessons to be able to embrace it. Achievement liberates us in this manner, but it fades over time. This is why it must be done again and again.

We are much more than what we do or what we are doing. Take a breather from time to time. Narrow in on what it is you wish to enjoy. Try and try again until the breaths flow from one until the next with natural ease.

By Trey Tompkins

Trey Tompkins is a local resident who writes fitness columns for The Record-Herald.

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