Getting Ahead: Another Way


When I travel to Indianapolis, Ind., I have always left Washington C.H. on US 35, taken it to Dayton, gone north on I-75 and then I-70 west to my destination. Like most others that travel, we now use a global positioning system (GPS) which is a real help in finding locations that we are not familiar with.

The first time I used it going to Indianapolis, it wanted me to take I-71 south toward Cincinnati. I knew the thing was not operating properly because the route to Indianapolis was going through Dayton, not Cincinnati. So, for the past couple of years when I want to go to Indianapolis, I turn the voice prompt off until I get out of town then it will reset and take me through Dayton.

The other day our sound engineer Zach, who also has a GPS in the van that hauls our equipment, did what a GPS wanted him to do and took I-71 south to the outer belt in Cincinnati, then up I-74 to Indianapolis. To my surprise, he told me that he actually saved some time going that way.

Do you suppose we are doing many things the same way because it is the way we have always done them? Could there be better routes on the pathway of life that we should consider? Is there a GPS for our life that would guide us on those paths?

These and other life questions will be addressed Sunday morning as “The Gathering Place Family” meets in the Washington High School Gymnasium at 10 a.m. for our Pre-Service Connection where we enjoy coffee, juice and donuts. Our Worship Service and Children’s Church then begins at 10:30. Come at 7 p.m. and be part of our Wednesday night Bible Study and Children’s Ministry on the third floor above Trends at 120 West Court St. in Washington C.H.

By John G. Pfeifer

Religion Columnist

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