Celebrating the life of Fred DiDomenico


Dear Editor:

On Oct. 18, 2015, a celebration of the life of Fred Leo DiDomenico was held at the Crossroads Christian Church and I was unable to attend. My wife and I were supporting our daughter and daughter-in-law who were participating in the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Marathon. I share this because it is significant to the contribution Fred DiDomenico made to my life.

Fred DiDomenico invested in my life. He taught me about hard work, education, dedication, civil responsibility, good citizenship and the importance of being a gentleman.

He was most instrumental in seeing to it that I attended Wittenberg University and played football for the Tigers.

My first encounter with him was in the context of teacher and student, then coach and player. That relationship soon became a father figure with his wise counsel and expectations much like that of my own father. He then became a champion to the furthering of my education and helping me to achieve that goal.

After college and into the workplace, he continued to be my mentor and soon then after, my respected friend and brother in Christ.

Although there were times that we lost contact over the years, we never lost connection because he had won a permanent place in my hall of fame of champions and heroes.

Fred Leo DiDomenico was not a perfect man because no such human being exists. But he most assuredly earned the title of patriot, civil servant, teacher, coach, mentor and best of all, husband, father and follower of Christ.

I will be forever grateful that he was an integral part of my life and the lessons he taught will never be forgotten. My hope is to honor him by putting into practice those noble and trustworthy truths that he taught me with the hope that I have passed them on to my children and grandchildren as well.

The celebration of his life did not only take place at the Crossroads Christian Church on Sunday, Oct. 18, but it was also being celebrated in Columbus, Ohio with two young women who “ran the race to win the prize.” Fred would have been the first to congratulate them and commend them for the hard work and training that got them to the finish line because that is just what he taught.

His race is run and all of Heaven is rejoicing that he successfully passed the baton to those of us who remain and carry on.

Celebrating his life and his legacy,

Jim Wilson

Urbana, Ohio

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