Pittser, Garrison win Blue Lion CC Invitational


Washington High School held the Blue Lion Cross Country Invitational Saturday at Tim Walters’ farm.

There were six SCOL teams taking part in the high school race (5,000 meters): Washington, Miami Trace, McClain, Hillsboro, Chillicothe and Clinton-Massie.

Leesburg Fairfield, Bishop Flaget and East Clinton also competed in the middle school race (3,200 meters).

In the high school boys race, Miami Trace’s Blake Pittser took first place, ahead of 48 other runners, with a time of 17:48.10.

Chillicothe won the high school boys race with 41 placement points.

Miami Trace was second with 51 points, followed by Washington with 61, Clinton-Massie with 71 and McClain with 151.

In the high school girls race, Washington’s Maddy Garrison took first place, ahead of 21 other runners, in a time of 20:58.71.

Only the Chillicothe girls had enough runners to post a team score.

Also for Miami Trace in the high school boys race: Nick Foody was 11th in 20:07.13; Jake Atwood, 13th, 20:33.24; Ross Matthews, 14th, 20:39.54; Jonathan Allen, 17th, 20:43.15; August Langley, 18th, 20:52.43; Wyatt Cory, 19th, 21:16.11; Brett Lewis, 20th, 21:22.03; Coby Seyfang, 30th, 22:40.0; Todd Peterson, 38th, 24:39.11.

Kameron Morris was the top finisher for the Blue Lions, placing 7th in 19:39.31.

Also for Washington: Josh Trimmer, 8th, 19:43.74; Chris Conger, 9th, 19:49.97; Collin George, 21st, 21:36.86; Nicholas Geiler, 22nd, 21:40.93; Jacob Thomas, 24th, 22:03.41; Christian Grove, 25th, 22:03.88; Levi Clay, 28th, 22:27.20; Connor Lane, 31st, 22:41.80.

Also for the Washington girls, Kirsten List was 4th in 22:13.79; Megan Rohrer, 8th, 24:58.41; Alexa Harris, 9th, 25:10.26.

Tori Evans was top finisher for Miami Trace, placing 10th in 25:56.6. Gretchen Ivers placed 21st in 33:56.65 and Khenadi Grubb was 22nd in 37:20.74.

In the middle school girls race, Washington’s Rayana Burns placed 2nd out of 55 runners in a time of 14:18.05.

Ciara Colwell of Leesburg Fairfield won the race in 14:07.52.

The top finisher for Miami Trace was Olivia Fliehman was 9th in a time of 15:39.17.

Also for Washington: Cloe Copas, 12th, 16:01.91; Garren Walker, 20th, 17:00.51; Alexa Perez, 26th, 17:31.24; Shawna Conger, 35th, 19:01.60; Abby Tackage, 38th, 19:12.60.

Also for Miami Trace: Makenzie Grafstrom, 13th, 16:29.19; Sayler Preston, 19th, 16:58.51; Kylie Pettit, 27th, 17:36.53; Kirsten Lucas, 29th, 18:11.59; Kate Leach, 43rd, 20:05.15.

Middle school girls team scores: Leesburg Fairfield, 1st, 48; Hillsboro, 2nd, 53; Washington, 3rd, 86; Miami Trace, 4th, 88; Bishop Flaget, 5th, 92; Chillicothe, 6th, 111.

In the middle school boys race, the top local finisher was Cole Enochs of Miami Trace, placing third in 13:03.97. There were 62 contestants in this event.

Kalub Wilkerson of Washington placed 20th in 14:41.46.

Also for Miami Trace: Bo Little, 13th, 13:48.05; Kody Burns, 17th, 14:27.33; Mcale Callahan, 19th, 14:37.70; Matthew Warner, 23rd, 14:53.20; Johnny Jurado, 26th, 15:11.58; Skylar Lyons, 28th, 15:19.54.

Middle school boys team scores: Leesburg Fairfield, 1st, 32; Miami Trace, 2nd, 74; Chillicothe, 3rd, 83; Hillsboro, 4th, 112; East Clinton, 5th, 117; McClain, 6th, 149; Bishop Flaget, 7th, 151.

Washington’s cross country team will compete at Unioto today.

Miami Trace’s cross country team will compete at Jonathan Alder today.

The SCOL meet is set for Thursday, Oct. 15 at Wilmington College at 4 p.m.

By Chris Hoppes

[email protected]

Reach Chris Hoppes at 740-335-3611, ext. 1104, or on Twitter @choppes1

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