Life is about choices


Life is all about choices. We all have the right to choose what is best for us, from the very beginning right up until the very end. It’s important to recognize that and to embrace it. It’s those choices that empower us and move us forward.

What is Hospice?

Hospice is a special way of caring for individuals who are in the final stage of their lives due to a terminal illness. Through focus on comfort and symptom management, as opposed to curative care, Hospice services help patients no longer seeking a cure, manage their illness at home. Hospice care addresses the physical, mental and spiritual needs of the patients and the families. Families have a right to choose which Hospice best suits their needs.

At Hospice of Fayette County, we believe in choices and empowering families to make the best possible choice for their loved one when facing any terminal illness. Accepting Hospice services does not mean giving up, it means accepting comfort-oriented care that is focused on helping a person live their life to the fullest.

Hospice of Fayette County supports patients in many different types of settings including in the home, assisted living centers, and skilled nursing facilities. Hospice of Fayette County can also facilitate an inpatient hospital stay, if that is needed for comfort, care and pain management for the patient. We currently provide services and have contracts with all the local nursing facilities in Fayette County as well as in Highland County.

Hospice of Fayette County provides 24/7 on call service, nurses, nurse aides, social work services as well as spiritual services to create a plan of care that is uniquely tailored to fit each individual’s needs, including extended care programs to help patients and families through difficult times.

Many local families have benefited from the dedicated care of Hospice, including the family of Jose Gallardo. Daughter, Heidi Phipps, shared her family’s experience using Hospice care.

“Start early, do not wait to call. When my Daddy was diagnosed with cancer, he decided to forgo treatment and instead chose to live the rest of his days in comfort and in peace. That’s when I called Hospice of Fayette County, and I’m glad I did. Making the call early gave my Daddy the opportunity to really get to know the girls and for the girls to really get to know and love him. The doctor had given him six months but in reality he only had three. They became part of our family; they truly cared for and loved my Daddy. They took the utmost of care of him and me as well. I am so thankful for them, I feel so blessed to have shared that experience with Hospice. As painful as it was, I am grateful they were there with me every step of the way. They took care of everything down to the tiniest of details, delivering all the supplies needed quickly. I cannot thank Tammy Bobbitt, Nancy Bennett, Danita McFadden, Missi Knisley, Tracy Dye, Lynda Wilt, Whitney Pennington, Courtney Lubbers, Pastor Keith Clary, Pastor Jeff Davis and the rest of the Hospice team enough for their attention and love, always going above and beyond the call of duty in the continuous care of my Daddy. He wasn’t just a number; he was loved and cared for by all the team members at Hospice of Fayette County.”

Hospice care isn’t all the same. It may vary from provider to provider. But the choice is yours to make in regards to what is best for your loved one. It’s one of the most important decisions you can make. Self advocate and know your options. Hospice means comfort care for both the patient and their families, providing excellent care and social service support to address the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of coping with any terminal illness. Make the call early.

For more information about Hospice, our programs or how to be a volunteer, please call Hospice of Fayette County at 740-335-0149.

By Holly Cottrill

Marketing/Fundraising Coordinator

Hospice of Fayette County

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