The Sufficient Christ: Northwestern Pilot



Christ for sickness, Christ for health;

Christ for poverty, Christ for health:

Christ for Joy, Christ for sorrow;

Christ today, and Christ tomorrow;

Christ my life and Christ my light;

Christ for morning, noon and night;

Christ when all around gives way;

Christ my everlasting stay;

Christ my rest, and Christ my food;

Christ above my highest good;

Christ my well-beloved, my Friend;

Christ my pleasure without end;

Christ my Savior, Christ my Lord;

Christ my portion, Christ my God;

Christ my Shepherd, I His sheep;

Christ Himself my soul doth keep:

Christ my Leader, Christ my peace;

Christ has brought my soul’s release;

Christ my righteousness divine;

Christ for me, for He is mine;

Christ my wisdom, Christ my meat;

Christ restores my wondering feet;

Christ my Advocate and Priest;

Christ who ne’er forgets the least;

Christ my Teacher, Christ my Guide;

Christ my rock, in Christ I hide;

Christ my everlasting bread;

Christ His precious blood hath shed;

Christ my glory, Christ my crown;

Christ the plant of great renown;

Christ my Comforter on high;

Christ my hope draws ever nigh.

—-Northwestern Pilot

Welcome to First Church of the Nazarene, 990 St. Rt. 41 S.W. Washington C.H., Ohio 43160

By Vernon Hurles

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