Youth forum set for Oct. 13


Several organizers are attempting to bring together a town hall forum to discuss issues facing the youth of this community.

The Warehouse Youth Center, located on South Elm Street in Washington C.H., will host interested residents at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 13. Whether to discuss options to excite the youth about local politics and issues, or to provide an atmosphere for ideas that can help entertain the youth, or just to get feedback, this forum is the perfect time to bring up these topics.

“My biggest thing is, if no one is involved nothing can get done,” Trent Dye, organizer of the event said. “In this community the youth really have a lack of something to do. This forum is a great time to really bring our minds together to talk about our children. Even if I can only help to bring them together to talk about these issues, it is a good place to start.”

Dye said the forum will be helpful because the youth are the community’s next leaders, doctors, lawyers and voting citizens. This line of reasoning has led him to come up with a few ideas that he thinks would greatly benefit the youth of the community.

“We can get some ideas rolling, such as forming a youth leadership council that helps to continue creating ideas that benefit locals,” Dye said. “The young ones are going to be leading this community and if we begin to help them take an interest in our city, it will continue to grow.”

The forum is open to the community, including high school students who would like to come on their own as well as younger children who want to attend with parents.

“We will be holding the forum at The Warehouse, which currently helps local youth with a variety of things including meals and just a place to hang out and stay out of trouble,” Dye said. “Molly Gruber, leader of The Warehouse, will discuss what they offer to youth during the forum. I would like to see community leaders, including the city council, attend. We really hope everyone can come and help with a little input on this serious issue.”
The Warehouse to host community residents

By Martin Graham

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