Graham’s game review: Destiny, The Taken King


Downloadable Content (DLC) can add to a game through the addition of missions, interesting weapons or gear, great characters or by revealing a new set to explore. For instance the DLC for the game Fallout 3, which had five DLC additions in total, brought 30 to 40 hours of game play depending on play style. This can really add to the experience.

Destiny, the blockbuster title developed by Bungie and published by Activision available on all current generation consoles, has been more or less a success for the developer with a large following of players that sign-on every day just to compete with and against their friends in a variety of game modes. A lot of Bungie’s original title, “Halo: Combat Evolved” can be seen in this game.

The obvious? Destiny has you playing as a (unique) space marine as you fight to save the solar system. Halo had you play as a (specific) space marine as you fought to save the solar system (and the universe at large). Both games have a few enemy races, both have a heroic feel and both are first person shooters where you travel through various halls, rooms, and other sets fighting off waves of enemies. The developer really stuck with a genre they know and are kings in, and it paid off with a pretty good game. Despite these games being very similar though, the more I played Destiny the more I realized how different they were.

With the release of the recent DLC “The Taken King,” Destiny seems to have distanced itself even further from its predecessor. This DLC added a new subclass to each basic class, and with it, a ton of new missions, weapons, strikes and even a whole new area to march around in the fight for freedom against the looming darkness.

The big question though, is this game worth buying and investing time in? I would say with the addition of The Taken King, the amount of content is worth the price, but might not necessarily be worth the grind. If you have had Destiny since it came out and have been playing it at least a couple times a week, then by now you would be a powerful force, but the DLC flips this a bit by requiring each person to now grind the same missions, strikes and player versus player matches to get anywhere near the top. And even if you manage to get near the top, you will still be competing with some players who have had the DLC since it came out.

I would suggest that unless you really enjoy the first-person shooter genre, and have time to replay some of the same content to become powerful enough to take on the real challenges, then The Taken King might be something to gloss over. The time it takes to make a character worth playing can really add up. The game is fun and does add a new level to an already pretty decent game, but the grind can cause you to become bored, especially if all your friends are much more prepared and because of that you must stay behind and continue the grind.

I would give this game a four out of five because the developer did add something new to their game, but unless you have the time to sink, Destiny is not the game for you.

I am up for suggestions as the next game I should review. Whether the game is new or old I will try and get a copy to play and give the most honest review I can. Thanks for reading.

By Martin Graham

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