Perry Township happenings


Dear Editor and Perry Township residents:

The Perry Township Trustees during their Sept. 14 board meeting once again revisited the situation with the first curve on Barrett Road. This was initially brought up in 2012 when a dairy farmer reported that milk trucks going to his farm on Barrett had difficulty making the curve.

Trustee Dusty Smith recommended having the county move forward on just berming the inside of this curve two feet and the trustees passed a motion to do so. Part of a fence will have to be set back and a mailbox moved. Also, some patching is needed where a driveway meets the road on the other side of the curve. Smith suggested the trustees see if all of Barrett needs paving and, if so, wait and do the repair and road paving all in one shot. Trustee Smith noted that the dairy farmer put some gravel there and it doesn’t look so bad.

Trustee Dick Wilson stated that Zimmerman Road is getting bad and Trustee Tom Creachbaum reported that Ghormley Road has gotten in bad shape the past three months, and the trustees concluded that the problem is the roads have no berms. Trustee Smith will contact the county to see if they can go around and berm a bunch of the roads real quick.

Trustee Creachbaum told the part-time hire that the cemeteries are looking nice. The part-time hire asked if he could remove a tree stump in the fence line at Sugar Grove Cemetery that interferes with his mowing. Trustee Wilson said a few gravesites at the back of Walnut Creek are in the process of being surveyed and numbered.

Trustee Creachbaum informed that the Farmer’s Almanac is predicting big snow storms for this year and the trustees decided to have the snow plow truck serviced and gone over for safety. Creachbaum also brought up the annual $500 “use it or lose it” grant from the Ohio Township Association Risk Management Authority. The trustees decided to explore the grant, as they would like to use it to purchase reflective coats.

Janet Anderson

Perry Township resident

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