Perry Twp. Happenings


Dear Editor and Perry Township residents:

Talking about the township cemeteries at the Aug. 10 Perry Township Board Meeting, the trustees passed a motion to donate the lot for the indigent child burial of a few months ago. Also, they moved to give a lot to a resident in exchange for the resident’s cemetery surveying work of almost eight years ago, noting that a grave site had been promised the individual instead of cash payment for the surveying. Lots for township residents cost $150.

Trustee Tom Creachbaum reported that some of the berm on Ghormley Road was broken and that road signs at three intersections were stolen over the weekend. Creachbaum suggested that the trustees ride the roads to see if other signs were missing before reporting the missing signs to them (the county highway department).

The 4-H has asked to use the township hall once monthly and the trustees agreed not to charge the 4-H for use of the hall. Trustee Dusty Smith in discussing the rental of the township hall, threw out the idea of purchasing two window air conditioners for the hall and paying for the air conditioners by charging a little more for hall rental. Smith noted that some people attending a function at the hall got super hot, the floor became slick when the windows were kept shut to keep out the heat, and a couple of people fell down. Fiscal Officer Hap Smith, who has previously commented about the diminishing general fund, felt it would take a very long time for such a payback.

Trustee Creachbaum said that the trustees should teach the township’s part-time worker on how to mow the roads and recommended that the worker get trained a little bit by riding along with Trustee Smith, when Smith did the mowing. Smith said he has been mowing the roads once a month.

Janet Anderson, Perry Township resident

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