Edwards-Dawson family holds 89th reunion


Eighty-four members attended the Edwards-Dawson family reunion at the Leesburg Fire house community room on July 12.

Under the direction of the reunion committee, consisting of Joyce Kimball, Juanita Miller, Joe Cohmer (who was celebrating his 80th birthday), Jimmy Edwards and Lee Edwards, the family gathered for a good time of fellowship, good food, prizes and an auction raising funds for next year’s reunion.

A bountiful carry-in meal was enjoyed by the family. Prizes were given for the oldest lady in attendance (Betty Bridges), oldest man (George Clouser), youngest child (Grant Haggerty at 15 months) and the members traveling the farthest to attend the reunion (Ronnie and Margene Edwards from Heflin Ala.), family with the most members present- (John Edwards family).


These family members won the cooking contest: Erma Gardner, Joni Gilbert, Pamela Daniel, Beth Justice, Belinda Baldwin, Deb Edwards, Lisa Coss, Jennifer Lott, Jeannie Evans, Ciara Gilbert, Mary Lou Edwards, and Betty Bridges.


These family members won the guessing game: David Harmon, watermelon weight, Sue Mowbray, corn count, Woody Pollitt, centerpiece/Marbles count, Dakota Daughtery, Tootsie Rolls count, Joni Gilbert, tea bags count, Joni Gilbert, miscellaneous candies count and Matt Edwards, toothpick count.

The winner of the door prize was: Jeff Edwards of Columbus. A raffle was conducted with the winner being a Lymphoma survivor, 19-year-old Matt Edwards.

The following list includes all of the members who enjoyed the family gathering:

Juanita Miller, David, Becky and Clay Harmon, Joyce and Beverly Kimball, Ryan, Jacob and Aaron Steward along with friend Beth Long all of Blanchester; Jay Cohmer of Louisville, Ky; Jeannie Cohmer, Alice Smith of Greenfield; James and Barbara Edwards, Dan Kidney, Amelia Kidney Lee Edwards, Burley and Joyce Edwards and DJ all of Dayton; Ronnie and Margene Edwards of Heflin, Ala.; Paul and Virginia Pollitt, Melissa, Alyssa Pollitt, friends Maggie and Julie of Blanchester; Roger Everhart of Highland; Richard Edwards of Leesburg; Chris and Beth Justice, Dean Edwards of Washington Court House; Wayne Edwards of Columbus; Jeff, Teresa and Jordan Edwards, Angie, Makala, Grace and John Edwards, Lisa and Kasy Coss of Columbus; Debbie and Skylar Edwards, Caleb Shattuck of Wilmington; Sue Constant of Morrow; Paul “Woody” Pollitt, Shelly and Grayson, Betty Bridges of Wilmington, Oh.; Mike and Elsie Smith of London, Oh.; Steve and Linda Eikenberry of Dayton; Janice McCalla of Hillsboro; James and Jane Clouser of Xenia; Ron Edwards of Gahanna; Howard and Erma Gardener, Joni and Ciara Gilbert of Washington C.H.; Bob, Jeannie, Jason, Dakota, and Abbie Evans, John, Pamela and Daniel Evans, Bainbridge; George Clouser and care giver, Garcia Pearce of Wilmington; Bill and Belinda Baldwin of Leesburg; Shane, Amanda, Garrett and Grant Haggerty of Leesburg; Kenny and Barbara Edwards of Dayton; Lee, Lora and Riley Olinger of New Carlisle; Charles and Phil Mowbray of Groveport; Robert, Margaret and Mathew Edwards of Port William; Darrell and Mary Lou Edwards of New Antioch; John and Debbie Edwards of Port William.

Pictured here are most of the 84 members attending the Edwards-Dawson family reunion.
http://www.recordherald.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/27/2015/08/web1_Edwards-Reuion.jpgPictured here are most of the 84 members attending the Edwards-Dawson family reunion.

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