Civil Legal News


Brian Gault and Kelly Gault, 1274 Dayton Ave. v. JBSM Roofing and Construction, 802 Sycamore St., claims amount $6,000.

Norman Merritt, 5145 u.S. 62-SW v. Rex and Rebecca Couch, 4902 Miami Trace Road-SW, claims amount $15,000, forcible entry and detainer.

Highland District Hospital, Hillsboro v. Jennifer Workman, Bloomingburg, claims amount $350.

Midland Funding, San Diego, Calif. v. Cindy Miller, 4771 Washington-Waterloo Road, claims amount $814.50.

Portfolio Recovery, Norfolk, Va. v. Ashley Blevins, 1128 S. North St., claims amount $802.57.

John Wood, 2675 S.R. 753-SE v. Jacob and Brittney Rogers, Bloomingburg, claims amount $10,000.

Credit Adjustments, Defiance v. Anita E. Maag, 1050 Country Club Court, claims amount $1,218.44.

Westfield National Ins., Westfield Center v. Linda D. Cox, Wilmington, claims amount $4,000.

Ciera Clemmons, 805 Conley Court v. Tyrell Knisley, Greenfield, claims amount $100.

Credit Adjustments, Defiance v. Shawn N. Vanhoose, 4686 S.R. 207, claims amount $971.78.

Capital One, Norcross, Ga. v. Veda M. Schafer, Jeffersonville, claims amount $2,773.37.

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