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In His parable of the Good Shepherd Jesus introduced the subject of Abundant Life to His disciples. This is one of those WOW messages (Words Of Wisdom), given by Christ. It conveys the truth that Abundant Life is an experience to be enjoyed in the here and now, and, in the sweet by and by.

…I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. (John 10:10 KJV)

…I came so they can have real eternal life, more and better than they ever dreamed of. (John 10:10 The Message)

Webster’s Dictionary defines the word abundant as;

a). A quantity in excess of need, b). Plentiful, c). Bountiful, d). More than enough.

The Apostle Paul speaks his (WOW) Abundant life Message by saying;

“But as it is written, Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things God hath prepared for them that love Him.” (I Corinthians 2:9)

This Abundant Life message can be better understood by contrasting it with a more familiar metaphor, such as;

1. Abundant life is like an upgrade. You rent a Ford Focus and discover you have been given a

Lincoln Town Car.

2. Abundant Life is like purchasing a plane ticket for coach class only to discover you have been given a first class reservation.

3. Abundant life is not just a good life but a better life. Not just a full life but a full-filled life.

4. Abundant life is nothing less than Jesus Christ having the full mastery over our entire being, through the power of the Holy Spirit.

5. Abundant life is like a gift, and, yours only when you receive it.

6. Abundant life is when things are at the worst, your cup runs over.

7. Abundant life is like a fountain (or artisan well) springing up within your soul bringing abundant love, abundant peace, abundant joy, abundant hope, and everlasting life.

8. Abundant life is a life of victory and spiritual power; (a).Victory and power over doubt, (b).Victory and power over despair, (c).Victory and power over sin, (d). Victory and power over circumstances that would drag you down or away from Christ, (e). Victory and power over death, hell, the grave.

Hymn Writer Paul Rader shares well the conditions for receiving this Abundant Life:

Only believe, only believe; All things are possible, only believe….

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By Vernon E. Hurles

Religion Columnist

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