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After reviewing existing traffic signs and signals, the City of Washington C.H. is encouraging the community to provide input on several proposed changes.

The City of Washington Service, Safety and Recreation committee of the city council recently conducted a review of some of the intersections in the city. Using air-filled tubes, the city measured the traffic pattern and types at some intersections that have been troubling drivers. The result of those tests were these proposed traffic changes:

1.) Elm Street and South Fayette Street: Remove the traffic signal and replace the traffic signal with a stop sign to be placed on Elm Street with continuous traffic movement on South Fayette Street.

2.) North Street and Temple Street: Remove the traffic signal and replace with a four-way-stop.

3.) Circle Avenue and East Street: Remove the stop signs on Circle Avenue.

4.) Gibbs Avenue and Pearl Street: Remove the stop signs on Gibbs Avenue.

5.) Willard Street and McClean Street: Remove the stop signs on Willard Street.

6.) Fayette Center: One-way traffic only from Columbus Avenue toward Elm Street, permit two-way traffic beginning in the area of Camdens/Subway.

7.) Dayton Avenue and VanDeman: Remove the traffic signal and replace with a four-way stop. Further, “stop ahead” signs should be added when the four-way stop if implemented and flashing signals.

“We had a discussion within the city about possible changes that were logical to the flow of traffic,” Joe Denen, city manager, said during a phone interview Thursday. “We discussed with the service, safety and recreation committee after the tests, and then circulated the possible changes to the police department to see how the proposed changes would effect them. What we have now are proposed changes that would benefit everyone in our opinions. Remember though that once we determine what to do with these intersections, not all of these changes will be made at the same time. We will handle one or two at a time and try to make sure the decision is the best possible option.”

Local residents are encouraged to submit comments on the proposed traffic changes. The comments made will be reviewed with the service, safety and recreation committee in November.

There are a number of ways to leave comments with the city. Residents are welcome to visit with Denen to express thoughts on the proposed traffic changes. Alternatively, residents can also write to Denen at 105 North Main St., Washington Court House, Ohio 43160, e-mail him at [email protected] or call Denen at 740-636-2340.

In order to ensure that comments are received and can benefit a final determination on the traffic recommendations, the community is encouraged to submit these comments before the end of September.

“If residents would also like to make suggestions to other intersections in the city they believe would be more logical and beneficial to the community, they are welcome to do so,” Denen said. “If they would like to submit comments, remember to clearly indicate the intersection in question. Comments about the proposed changes can be as simple as ‘I agree with number one and not number two,’ or ‘Three and four would be nice but I think number seven could be left alone.’ We are really hoping to receive a lot of feedback about these changes.”
City manager encourages community feedback

By Martin Graham

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