In appreciation of Hospice


Yes, they save lives, along with helping those who need their services. I put off calling them until I could wait no longer. I kept telling myself that I was capable of taking care of my husband, whom, I had taken care of for over 62 years, during our marriage. The only thing, was that, he needed care that I was not trained for. He needed hospice!

I finally gave in and called in February. They were here immediately! All the necessary equipment was here within two hours from Fayette Home Health Care. What a change in our lives! Someone to bathe and shave him, which I was having a difficult time doing. The nurses were here three times a week and we quickly became friends with each and every one who came into our home. They always called before they came out to see if we needed any supplies that they furnished.

These visits continued from Feb. 10 to June 3, and that day he went to St. Catherine’s Nursing Home and was there until he was called home by God on June 8.

There was no way, as much as I wanted to, to keep him at home, my own health was being affected and it took a bump on the head on a tile floor to convince me that I, at least, needed the five day respite that had been offered me weeks before and was going to take advantage of the following week, but it came about sooner than expected because I had a second fall and when they came in and saw me on the floor, they went into action! It just so happened that two nurses came that morning and I had told them the door would be open and come on in the house, well, when they saw me on the floor, they were on their phones in a second and had calls placed to put the respite plan into action a week early. The ambulance was here in 25 minutes to transport Dave to the care center and they had everything ready and in place when he arrived!

On Sunday, June 7, the family was called in and told by the hospice nurse that his time was growing shorter to be here and we did have time to call our daughter in North Carolina. She made the six hour drive up here and arrived so that she could say goodbye to her father. He finally found peace in just a few hours after she got here.

If there is anyone who is hesitating on calling in hospice for their loved one, don’t hesitate any longer. Call them right now! They are available 24 hours a day. They are the most compassionate, caring people and you will find that to be true yourself. You will not know what you did without their tender, loving care, yes, loving care. It’s almost as though they have become one of the family and you are so at ease with them tending to your loved ones’ needs.

We can never thank them enough, but you, who are reading, can help us! They are wanting to build onto their building and you can join in and help them raise funding for the project. If everyone could just send in a dollar or two, it would help them and it would be put in their “Expanding Our Heart Building Campaign” fund. Please don’t put off calling if you need their help. They are truly God’s Angels here on earth! Thank you for taking the time to read this and please consider donating to the building fund. I pray that you will never have to use their services, but they are there if you need them.

In Memory of David J. Begin,


Sally, Becky, Julie, Steve and families

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