Fire Runs


According to reports, the Washington C.H. Fire Department responded to the following calls:


An occupant of 1290 Dayton Ave. contacted the FD about a washer that had smoke coming from it. The occupant had unplugged the washer prior to calling the FD. Upon arrival, FD members found that the washer had some sort of electrical problem and was indeed unplugged. The FD members removed the washer from the residence and advised the occupant to have it repaired or replaced.

FD received a report of a kitchen fire at 900 Glenn Ave. Upon arrival, FD members found a small fire in and around the kitchen sink. The occupants had been cooking when grease in the pan caught fire. The occupants then put the pan in the sink and attempted to put the fire out with water. The fire did not go out and was then extinguished by fire service personnel. The occupants were encouraged to keep a proper fitting lid for the pan nearby the next time they cook with grease. They were also told it would be a good idea to have a small fire extinguisher in the kitchen area.

FD responded to a citizen complaint at 733 John St. Upon arrival, FD members found the occupants having a legal cooking fire. The occupants were allowed to continue with their cooking fire.

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