Fire Runs


The Washington Fire Department responded to the following calls:


The fire department responded to a request for a gas check at 728 McLean St.. Upon investigation, FD found that the water heater was malfunctioning. FD members turned off the gas to the water heater and advised the occupants to have it repaired or replaced.

FD received call from a citizen reporting someone in the neighborhood burning trash. F.D. investigation found the occupant burning small amounts of paper material at 83 Hickory Lane. F.D. witnessed the extinguishment and advised the occupant of the burning regulations.

FD received call from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office reporting someone burning a brush pile and pouring gasoline on it at 325 Western Ave. F.D. found occupants burning yard waste. F.D. extinguished and advised the occupants of the burning regulations.

FD responded to a report of a smell of smoke at 1025 Dayton Ave. Lot 16. Upon investigation, FD members found that the air conditioning unit had malfunctioned. The occupants were advised to have the unit repaired or replaced.

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