Getting Ahead: How Does Perception Affect Our Lives?


Recently I had a head light burned out in my truck. It seemed that a lot of people noticed it and let me know. While the mechanic was changing my burned out head light, I received a voice mail on my cell phone. The message was from a lady telling me that my passenger’s side head light was burned out. She was mistaken because the burned out head light was on the driver’s side.

I had my speaker phone on when I listened to the message and the mechanic said: “That lady was ahead of you looking in her rear view mirror when she noticed the burned out head light.”

We had a chuckle realizing that was more than likely the case because what we see in a mirror is reversed. What is right appears left and what is left appears right. If we would have changed the burned out head light from her perception, we would have taken out the good head light and replaced it. Our effort would have been wasted and we would not have fixed the problem. We would have still had a burned out head light on the driver’s side.

I wonder how many things in life are like that. Are we looking at our life like we look at ourselves in a mirror and what is really right appears to be left? Is it possible to tear up the good things thinking that we are repairing the bad ones?

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