Richter sentenced for assaulting officer



A Washington C.H. man was sentenced to nine months in prison Monday after pleading guilty to assaulting a peace officer, vandalism, and obstructing official business.

As part of a plea agreement with the Fayette County Prosecutor’s Office, Jacob D. Richter, 32, of 310 Bereman St., admitted to all three fifth-degree felonies.

Richter was arrested on May 10 after Washington C.H. Police Department officers responded to 707 S. Main St. on a fight complaint.

According to reports, an officer responded to the residence and placed Richter under arrest for assault. While Richter was sitting in a patrol vehicle, he began to bang his head off of the rear passenger’s side window. Two officers ran to the vehicle to try and restrain Richter.

Richter became increasingly argumentative and began to flail about, according to the report. He then reportedly began to kick at the small window, as the main rear passenger’s side window had already been rolled down to keep Richter from shattering it. Richter kicked the window partially out, damaging the vehicle, reports said.

While attempting to restrain Richter, an officer was kicked and later reported a large bruise on his left thigh after feeling soreness for several days.

Richter was restrained below the calf and above the ankle in an attempt to keep him from kicking. During the transport to the Fayette County Jail, Richter became verbally abusive and began striking his head against the cage of the patrol vehicle, according to police.

Richter was sentenced to nine months in prison and awarded 64 days jail-time credit. Richter was also ordered to pay the costs of prosecution.

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