Fuel for the Soul


You want to know why, but the answers lie within the journey, not in the destination. Until you move toward that path, not around it, will you feel the flow and natural ease that Life provides. Our hearts know the journey to be taken.

Without hesitation, we must dive head first into these waters. Dabbling our toes into the depths make for easy reason not to jump in. GO AHEAD! Allow your heart to pump with nervous ambition. This builds the fire that boils the blood. MOVE FORWARD! JUMP IN!

Growth and fulfillment are not intended for the spectator. It is not good enough to just know something from any distant perspective. Become a part every living breath. Each one being unique from the other, yet never too unfamiliar from the last or the next.

Do you feel the energy, reader, being coursed through the body now as you consume these words? Or is your appetite so far spoiled that dreariness overcomes you? WAKE UP! You are far more powerful than thought or imagination comprehend. Just know this and you will build mountains.

Trust this power. The power to build or the power to blossom. To trust is to allow someone or something to grow in and of itself. TRUST YOURSELF! You want inspiration? Look to the stars, look to the trees. Look for what seems still, yet moves so swiftly that you are capable to capture its beauty in motion. You want motivation? Notice the child, as it plays holding back no reservation. With natural and pure intention.

Do you not remember this? Your ambitions now are no further off from that child. Still holding onto a hope and many wishes. Release the dulling sensation that saps the soul. Sorrow has never fed a hunger that we crave. We crave enjoyment. We crave belief. We crave Life at its purest. BE ALIVE!

Embrace these last few words. Put off no more. There is no greater purpose. There is only purpose alone. By adding anything more surely we subtract something away. Use for your purpose only what is necessary. What is necessary is already what we have. Use it unconditionally. LOVE!

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