The Power of 3


They say that death happens in threes, or just bad things in general. But can they calculate the abundance in which good things happen?

It is easy to overlook even the minuscule, authentic actions that happen daily. Good things do happen. It just seems the the power of three and bad things make a mix for bringing our attention introspectively. When it’s good we move along as normal.

The first marathon I signed up for was extremely painful for me. From the sound of the gun I wanted to quit from the knee and hip pain developed by a poor training regimen. By mile five, I was certain of quitting at the half way mark. My family had made the trip to see me that day. So I certainly wasn’t going to quit until that happened. As fate would turn out, they weren’t able see me until right at the finish line.

The second marathon was worse than the second. Poor training led to shin pain this time. I wrapped up two weeks before the race started and I did not even make the trip to Columbus. Every “worst case” scenario built up in my mind from the first marathon happened during the second attempt. I was disappointed in myself.

The third marathon I attempted was far more triumphant. Learning from the previous two, training was smarter and I recovered quickly. The race went by quickly and better than expected.

I like to think that the first occurrence is the shock, second brings the blow, and the third provides ease. They all happened in such a way that would teach me lessons no professor or guru could ever explain. Every attempt brought with it a neutral mind set. It was only the attempt that had counted for me, and the attempt is what marks the count, no matter how feeble.

Three attempts brought this incredible message to me. How often do we start something, quickly grow dreary of it, and then hang it away after a couple of try’s. Had it only happened twice, perhaps I would not have learned. Perhaps things, good or bad, happen in threes because two is not enough.

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