Land Transfers


MAY 11

Jeff A. Purtee, Pamela’s Purtee to Jeff A. Purtee, Co-TR, Pamela S. Purtee, Co-TR, Purtee Revocable Trust, no property shown.

Janice L. Gardner, DECD to David Gardner, David A. Gardner, 11/PT 9 Plantation Place Sub Union Twp/Tr Court St Wash 5639 U.S. Rt 22 NE and 319 E. Court St Ref D/R v159 p88/v178 p224.

Beverly K. Berker, DECD to John D. Berker, 5589 St. Rt. 22 NE.

Betty J. Eakins to Marion H. Jones, Peggy J. Jones, 229 and 231 N. Fayette Street.

Nicole M. Stinson, Brandt Stinson to Dwayne Morris, Tamela Morris, 3760 Coil Lane NW.

Elizabeth M. Gilmore to Gretchen Gilmore, James Gilmore, 6846 St. Rt. 38 NE.

Ross Rhodes, Jessica Rhodes to Jason Roe, Jason J. Roe, 4050 S. Main Street.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 9968 Harrison Road NE.

To Poppy Laurie Girton, Poppy L. Girton, 2936 U.S. 62.

MAY 12

Richard E. Smith, DECD, Richard Smith, DECD to Barbara E. Smith, 4.496A VMS 1361 Jeff. Twp.

To Mary K. Reynolds, 5.0100A VMS 9275 Etc. Mad Twp Cook Yankeetown Road NE.

Lone Tree Llc., Betsy Guttman, TR, Kim Guttman, TR to Gary R. Shultz, 66.897A VMS 1361 Jeff Two.

Glen Edwin Cardiff, DECD, Glen E. Cardiff, DECD to Betty Mae Cardiff, 36 Belle Aire SO Sub Wash 1/2 Int.

MAY 13

Naomi E. Pfeiffer, DECD to Sharon Carson, 41 Bowers Add Bloombg Ref O/R v153 p550.

Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Assn. to Gilbert Thomas Faulkner, Samantha Ann Faulkner, 7611 White Oak Road NE.

Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Assn. to Seneca Park Llc., 320-322 E. Paint Street.

MAY 15

Village of Bloomingburg to Village of Bloomingburg, replat part of Solomon Bowers Add Replat of lot #41 creating lot #76 and #77.

JB Ventures Llc. to Weade Farms, PT Inlot 121 Wash.

Colonial Funding Group Llc. to Cascade Note Platform Llc., 418 S. Fayette Street.

By Grdn Binegar Marion Keith to Debbie H. Weade Properties, 1670 Capps Road SE.

Cecil W. Colaw, EST to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 332 Gregg Street.

Community Action Commission of Fayette County to Shawn W. Beathard, Gwenlyn D. Beathard, 840 Aspen Drive.

Charles L. Wright, Co-TR, DECD to Wright Family Trust, Lorraine T. Wright, TR, 6 Jess Gilmores Sub Wash 7 Sunny Dr. Ref O/R v82 p823.

Wright Family Trust, Lorraine T. Wright, TR, Lorraine Wright, TR to Lorraine T. Wright, 7 Sunny Drive.

MAY 18

LW Trotters Llc. to Lauretta Irene Spies, Suc-TR, Wilbur James and Lauretta Irene Spies, Trust, 1300 Paddock Loop.

Duane Ross, Patricia A. Ross, Patty Ross to Perry Township Farm Llc., 23.50A/65.228A/13.000A/24.844A/10.001 VMS 660 Perry Twp St. Rt. 41 N.

Sabina Farmers Exchange Inc. to Duane Ross, Patricia A. Ross, 200.000A VMS 648 Perry Twp.

Charles M. Long, DECD, Charles Monroe Long, 1/5 Int to Charles M. Pickens, Douglas Pickens, 1/5 Int, Krystal Pickens, 1/5 Int, Kristie Smith, 1/5 Int, Tracy Potts, 1/5 Int, 325 McElwain St.

To Kenneth M. Kirkpatrick, 170.770A VMS 8939 Etc Marion Twp 1083 and 1125 Good Hope New Holland Road.

Frances P. Little, DECD to John A. Little, 504 Columbus Avenue.

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