Morris Frozen Food Locker announces recall


Morris Frozen Food Locker in Washington C.H. has issued a voluntary recall on all vacuum packed sliced hickory smoked bacon, jowls and hams following a labeling mistake.

Beginning in July of last year, a mistake at the frozen food locker resulted in the mislabeling of products, causing some products to be produced without the benefit of inspection. Though this might make some weary of the product, owner Jerry Morris said there are no current health-related issues, but it was merely a mistake that should have been caught.

“The issue with custom work is that when we take someone’s animal to be processed we go into a contract and there is no need to disclose the ingredients used in the process,” Morris said. “There is nothing wrong with the bacon and no one can get sick or has gotten sick from it. Most of the product in question has more than likely all ready been eaten, digested and (expletive) back out. It was merely a small mistake we should have corrected from the beginning.”

The mistake made was during the smoking and packaging process. Due to state laws, the vacuum packed products that are distributed from the frozen food locker must go through a different series of inspections. While working with both “Not for sale” or custom work products and the other type of product ,the two came into contact at a point, which is the reason for the recall. Any products that are marked with the “Not for sale” label are not affected by this recall.

“This is the same bacon that has been going through the place for 12 years and the same bacon I have eaten for every bit of 10,” Morris said. “We believe this to be an example of the media taking something and blowing it out of proportion. We have got it under control though and we really hope that this doesn’t shut us down. We hope to continue to be there for the customers who have grown accustomed to us.”

Morris said that if people want to return the product to them at 604 Rose Ave. in Washington Court House, they are more than welcome.

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