Warehouse to hold fundraiser Sunday


The Warehouse Youth Center will hold a fund raiser Sunday to continue with the support of Fayette County’s youth. Pictured here are various kids in attendance to one of the monthly concerts.

A local non-profit organization with a dedication to helping children is holding a fundraiser this Sunday to assist in providing for the kids.

The Warehouse Youth Center was established about 18 years ago under different direction and at a different location, but the goal has always been the same; to provide a safe and fun environment for adolescents to enjoy.

“At The Warehouse we can have anywhere around 60 to 150 kids that attend every weekend,” Molly Gruber, director, janitor and everything in between for The Warehouse, said. “We have been serving lunches five times a week in conjunction with The Well at Sunnyside and its Summer Kids Cafe program. We also hold monthly concerts, weekly bible studies and have partnered with local churches for years.”

The Warehouse will hold a new fundraiser for its organization, a baked ziti dinner, this Sunday from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. The dinner will consist of Chiquita Nash’s (free store and volunteer coordinator with The Well) famous baked ziti, garlic bread, salad, dessert and a drink. Meals are available for dining in at The Warehouse, located at 313 S. Elm Street, or for carry out with adult meals costing $8, and a meal for children 12 and under is $5.

“We welcome everyone to come and enjoy this meal with us and we appreciate all of the support that allows us to continue helping the youth of Fayette County,” Gruber said. “With some of the funds we are hoping to start a backpack program, become a non-emergency feeding location through the Mid-Ohio food bank, and we are currently working on grants to give kids, who wouldn’t have the opportunity the chance to purchase some new clothes and shoes for school.”

The youth center is also planning a block party to be held at the court house on Aug. 7 with the time currently scheduled, but subject to change, from 1 until 10 p.m. The event will have concessions and 10 bands will be playing all for free.

“Chiquita and I were brainstorming a few ideas of how to raise some funds for the organization and we thought of having baked ziti because it is a bit different,” Gruber said. “We are really excited to be holding this fund raiser and we hope the community will continue to give us great support.”

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