Man sent to prison on drug charge


A Dayton man was sentenced to three years in prison Tuesday after he was convicted at his jury trial of cocaine possession and tampering with evidence.

Tavio Wallace, 44, was found guilty of fifth-degree felony possession of cocaine and third-degree felony tampering with evidence.

Wallace was indicted in October following an incident on Aug. 16, 2014.

According to Washington Court House Police Patrolman Jeffrey Heinz’s report, Heinz was on patrol when he observed a vehicle exceeding the speed limit in the city. Heinz conducted a traffic stop and “detected the odor of alcohol coming from Wallace’s breath and person and also observed a small piece of green vegetation on Wallace’s lap.”

Heinz had Wallace step out of the vehicle and patted him down for weapons. When Heinz obtained Wallace’s identification, he found that Wallace was a suspended driver.

Wallace attempted to swallow a small plastic baggie with a white substance that later turned out to be cocaine while Heinz was questioning the vehicle’s passenger. Wallace then attempted to run away. Heinz and another Washington C.H. police officer were able to stop Wallace with the use of a taser.

The Fayette County Common Pleas Court sentenced Wallace to three years for the possession of cocaine charge and one year for the tampering with evidence charge, but ordered that they be served concurrently, giving Wallace three years prison time. Wallace was awarded 95 days jail-time credit.

Wallace will be subject to three years probation once he is released from prison. The court ordered that Wallace pay the costs of prosecution.

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