The Race of Fayette County a huge success


The 12th Race of Fayette County was held this past weekend with $4,000 being raised for the United Way of Fayette County. Pictured here are the various members of the teams involved in this year’s race.

Placing fourth was the team of Jolinda Van Dyke and Chelsie Hornsby.

Erica Ragland and Christi Hicks finished first in The Race.

Placing second was the team of Cheryl Faulkner and Brenda Wilson. Lauren Smith needed to step in for Wilson after she was injured during the race.

Brothers Sean and Cody Yoakem placed third this year.

The 12th Race of Fayette County, also known as The Race 12, was a great success, according to The Race design coordinator Jeff Underwood.

The Race of Fayette County has been held annually as a way to raise funds for a local organization that helps others in the community. Based on the show “The Amazing Race,” teams of two compete in a series of challenges to try and cross a finish line first. The teams travel to multiple counties in the area and meet with many individuals and volunteers to complete these challenges in exchange for a clue about their next destination.

For 10 years the Fayette County Diabetic Association has been the organization to benefit from The Race, but for the past two races, The United Way of Fayette County has benefited. The Race was successful in raising $4,000 for United Way, but that was only the beginning of giving back to the community.

“On Friday we had the 12 teams, and a mystery 13th team, bring their backpacks full of items and those items were donated one-by-one to various organizations in the community,” Underwood said. “To get the clues, each team had to visit locations and donate the items. The first place was the Rose Avenue Community Center to donate several weeks worth of coupons so they can get food for those in need. The next destination was the First Presbyterian Church food pantry where each team donated six cans of veggies, six cans of fruit and two jars of peanut butter. The teams then traveled to the Fayette Humane Society and donated 10 cans of cat food each.”

Finally, to finish Friday’s leg of the race, the teams needed to donate red and black streamers, red and white balloons and come up with a centerpiece that they believe properly portrayed the theme “Casino Night.” The party favors were then donated to Fayette Progressive Industries for a very special event: its first-ever prom.

“The theme this year was ‘Broadway Musicals’ and we always try and stay close to that theme when we decide on challenges for the teams,” Underwood said. “The teams first visited Tric’s Gymnastics Academy to learn and perform a dance routine to get their next clue. They also traveled to Terry’s Dance Spectrum to watch the students there perform a scene from the musical ‘Newsies’ where they then received a newspaper with their next hint.”

This year the group also traveled to Long’s Retreat as a special gift to the teams involved. There, they completed a series of challenges and continued on their epic journey. After another day, the teams began to head back to Washington Court House, completing even more challenges at private residences all the way home. The event ended at Christman Park at about 7:30 p.m. Sunday evening with the team of Erica Ragland and Christi Hicks coming in first place.

“Over the last 12 years of The Race, we have raised about $130,000 for local organizations,” Underwood said. “I am so happy with the way The Race went this year and we are already looking forward and planning next year’s. I would like to thank all of the teams and sponsors for helping us make this event so successful. And I would also like to thank the Race Board of Directors, including April Curnette-Self, Adam Morris, Wayne Roberts and Jodi Klontz, because without them behind me working hard we would never be able to pull this off. We look forward to seeing everyone again next year.”

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