Washington Fire Department reports


The following fire reports were released by the Washington Fire Department (WFD):

Nov 11 — 119 E East St.

Received station tone from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office reporting a strong odor of gas in the building, requesting a check. FD found doors propped open with ventilation in progress and was advised by occupants of a known leak within the coolant system of the refrigerator but was unaware of the request to check for an odor of gas at the time of arrival. FD checked the accessible basement areas with the GX-2012 gas meter and sampled air quality. FD was advised by facility staff that maintenance personnel had been contacted to remove the appliance.

Nov 10 — Court St.

FD responded to a report of a vehicle accident with injuries. Upon arrival, FD found a passenger van on its side. The van had struck several parked cars. The driver was alert and talking, however the driver could not get himself out of the vehicle due to the position of the van. FD established a safe working area and stabilized the vehicle using the Kodiak struts and step chocks. FD removed the front windshield and assisted the driver out of the vehicle. Fayette County EMS was on scene for patient care. FD checked all vehicles involved for hazards and applied oil dry to fluids on the pavement. FD remained on scene to assist with traffic control until the vehicle was removed by the tow company.

Nov 10 — 3650 HWY 22 E

FD responded to a report of an accident involving some sort of crushing injury. Upon arrival, FD found that the victim’s foot was crushed under a part of a commercial vehicle designed to haul roll-off dumpsters. There was no entrapment. FD assisted EMS with patient packaging.

Nov 10 — 610 Perdue Plaza

FD responded for Fayette County EMS

Nov 9 — 1400 Old Chillicothe Road

FD responded to a fire alarm activation. On arrival firefighters met with staff who advised the alarm was accidental, no fire.

Nov 9 — 1430 Columbus Ave.

FD responded to a fire alarm activation. On arrival, FD met with hospital staff who reset the alarm prior to FD arrival. Staff members informed FD that the alarm was caused by maintenance work from earlier today in the boiler room. The alarm was accidentally sent when putting the alarm back into normal operation. They advised there was no problem.

Nov 9 — 1733 State Route 41 S

FD was dispatched to the report of a field fire. On arrival, firefighters found an unauthorized controlled burn. Firefighters extinguished the fire and advised of the burn laws.

Nov 8 — 858 Aspen Dr.

Received station tone from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office reporting smoke in the residence, unsure of the source. FD did not find any smoke or fire at the time of arrival and confirmed all residents were out and accounted for. FD was informed the smoke was noticed and concentrated in the kitchen/living room area. FD found light smoke conditions in the reported area with little to no smoke in other areas of the residence. FD investigation found a smoldering fire in the lower access panel of the hot water heater. FD shut off the breaker in the electrical panel, shut off the water supply, removed the access panel, and extinguished the smoldering insulation. FD was advised the smoke detectors did not alarm, so FD personnel tested all smoke detectors in the residence to confirm functionality. FD advised to contact a plumber and have the water heater replaced.

Nov 5 — 114 Mark Road

Received call from property owner reporting arcing power lines. Upon investigation, a tree was found to have fallen on the power lines causing the arcing. FD remained on scene to ensure falling sparks did not ignite any material. Control of the scene was passed to AES upon their arrival.

Nov 5 — 622 Washington Ave

Received station tone from the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office reporting a vehicle accident. FD found two vehicles involved, both upright, facing east, and on all four wheels with no smoke or fire showing at the time of arrival. FD established a safe work area, controlled traffic flow, confirmed there was no entrapment, and checked both vehicles for safety. FD assisted other agencies on the scene.

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