Ms. Hook and Ms. Bell’s FCS preschoolers share what they’re thankful for


Fayette Christian School pre-K students

I am thankful….

Ms. Hook – for my PreK friends and family

Mrs. Bell – for my family

Bray B. – for my baby brother

Iain B. – for my family

Xavier B. – for my brother

Teagan D. – for Christmas

Noah D. – for my puppy Ax

Kayden G. – for God

Emmie G. – for my dogs Gus & Toby

Tatum H. – for Christmas

Leo H. – for my family

Henry H. – for my moms hugs

Colt H. – for my 4 whe

Laramie J. – for my mommy

Harper K. – for my dogs Bonnie & bob

Olivia L. – for Ms. Hook

Kyrstence L. – for my rabbits

Reagan L. – for my brother

Gracelyn M. – for my bunny named popcorn

Norah M. – for my dog Gretta

Marlee M. – for my family

Josie O. – for my family

Sidney P. – for my elf’s on the shelf Sugar Plum and Buddy

Levi S. – for my two sisters

Keigo T. – for my mommy

Jolynn U. – for my mom and dad

Blaire W. – for baby Archie

Clay Y. – for my hoverboard

Reese Z. – for my family, dogs and God

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