Miami Trace hosts annual FFA banquet

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The 2016-17 Miami Trace FFA officer team: bottom row, left to right- Abbygail Pitstick, Maddi Wallace, Mari Grace Carson, Tori Evans, Abbi Pettit and Khenadi Grubb. Top row, left to right- Cole Karnes, Garrett Hagler, Marissa Sheets, Makayla Eggleton, Clare Sollars, Todd Peterson and JM Perrill.

On Friday, April 22, the Miami Trace FFA held its annual banquet at Miami Trace High School.

We recognized members, advisors, parents and other community members that helped make the last year such a success. Many members were also recognized for having numerous achievements throughout the year.

Retiring president Zachary Ault served as toastmaster for the banquet and assisted in presenting various awards. Returning vice president Riley Evans gave the welcome followed by seniors Makayla Eggleton and Gavin Harper with the introduction of guests. Freshmen Tori Evans and Khenadi Grubb introduced first year members and their parents. The invocation was given by senior Hannah Ellenberger to all attending the banquet meal, which was catered by The Rusty Keg of Washington C.H.

Many scholarships were presented to senior FFA members. FFA alumni treasurer, Robin Beekman, presented the FFA Alumni scholarships to the following seniors: Baley Allen, Zach Ault, Cody Clyburn, Hannah Ellenberger, Brittani Hawk, Josh Little, Austin Lovett, Morgan Mick, Sara Patterson, Alexis Schwarts, Kaleigh Swayne, and Brock Wilt. The McClish Family Scholarship was presented to Kameron Rinehart. Ginna Climer was awarded the Steven Bennett Memorial Scholarship, and the Mark Garland Memorial Scholarship was presented to Riley Evans. The Justin Stuckey Memorial Scholarship was presented to six individuals: Hannah Casto, Whitney Cockerill, Brittani Hawk, Austin Lovett, Morgan Mick, Bailey Perrill, Sara Rowland, and Alexis Schwarts. The Quali-Tee Sportswear Design Scholarship was presented to Riley Evans, and the JD Equipment Scholarship was presented to Bailey Perrill. The Built Ford Tough Scholarship sponsored by Carroll Halliday was presented to Riley Evans and Bethany Reiterman. The AGCO Scholarship was presented to Brock Wilt.

Miami Trace High School Assistant Principal Bryan Sheets presented the retiring officer awards to the 2012-2013 officer team. Those receiving the plaques were: land lab manager, Todd Peterson, publicity Hannah Ellenberger, chapter development Gavin Harper, student development Nicholas Elrich, community development Makala Eggleton, student advisor Bethany Reiterman, sentinel Brock Wilt, reporters Marissa Sheets and Clare Sollars, treasurers Cole Karnes and Kameron Rinehart, secretary Cody Clyburn, vice president Riley Evans, and president Zach Ault.

The highest honor an FFA chapter can bestow on any individual is the Honorary Chapter Degree. This year’s honorary chapter degree was given to Cecile Trent. He is a strong supporter of the FFA chapter and is always generous in offering guidance and approving of the FFA chapter and student activities. We are extremely thankful for his continuing support of the Miami Trace FFA Chapter.

Alumni treasurer Robin Beekman presented the special FFA foundation awards. These awards included top fruit salesmen. The top 10 fruit salesmen were Kameron Rinehart ($6,327.50), Morgan Miller ($4,784), Marissa Sheets ($3,606), Bethany Reiterman ($3,256.50), Clare Sollars ($3,127.50), Bailey and JM Perrill (2,923.50), Tyler Eggleton (2,886.50), Nicholas Elrich ($2,632.50), Riley and Tori Evans ($2,597.0), and Quinton Waits ($2,521).

The top five strawberry salesmen were Marissa Sheets ($840), Abbi Pettit ($687), Hunter Moore ($610), Abby Riley ($610), and Bailey and JM Perrill ($459). Multiple officers and members presented leadership awards, outstanding member awards and scholarship awards. This year we had 13 State FFA Degree recipients: Thomas Bondurant, Hannah Ellenberger, MaKayla Eggleton, Gavin Harper, Todd Peterson, Marissa Sheets, and Clare Sollars. These members will receive their degrees on Friday, May 6 at the State FFA Convention. Receiving their American Degrees will be Cassidy Elam, Heather Johnston, Natalie Miller, Caleb Penwell, Jacob Rose, and Evan Schaefer. American Degree recipients will receive their degrees at the National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, Ind. in late October.

Proficiency awards are awarded to students who excel in the development of their SAE (Supervised Agricultural Experience) project. Zack Ault has utilized his knowledge to educate others, and he received third at districts in the area of agricultural education. Garrett Hagler, with his 16 head of calves and breeding cows, received eighth at Districts in the area of Beef Production. Bailey Perrill now owns and operates Perrill Farm Lambs. In the area of sheep production, Bailey placed second at Districts. Todd Peterson has utilized his knowledge from agronomy and grain merchandising, and has been able to harvest 95 bushels of wheat per acre, over 2,000 bales of straw, and 190 bushels of corn per acre. Todd was selected second at Districts in the area of grain production.

In the area of beef production, Abbygail Pitstick was selected fourth at Districts with her 15 head of Angus, Chiania, and Hereford cattle. Cody Clyburn owns and operated Clyburn Show Pigs. Cody received first at the District level in the area of Swine Production, and is now awaiting an interview for state placings. Riley Evans has raised his own flock of 90 birds in addition to 45 head of laying hens. This has allowed Riley to place in the top four at the state level. In the area of home improvement and community development, Kameron Rinehart has logged in over 1,900 hours, and is currently in the top four at the state level awaiting an interview in May to determine his placement. Brock Wilt has worked at Patchwork Gardens for four years, worked over 2,400 hours, and has earned over $19,000. Brock is currently in the top four at state level and is awaiting an interview. These members in the top four at state level will learn their final placings at the upcoming Ohio FFA Convention in May.

Leadership awards are based on the FFA Leadership Profile Assessment. Members receive points for their various activities, participation, and conduct of chapter activities. The freshmen leadership award recipients received garment bags. Those recipients were: Meri Grace Carson, Wyatt Cory, Tyler Eggleton, Tori Evans, Khenadi Grubb, Abbi Pettit, Madison Pitstick, Becca Ratliff, Abby Riley, Andrea Robinson, and Logan Smith. The sophomore leadership awards recipients received duffel bags. These awards were presented to Garrett Hagler, Rebecca Heckathorn, Morgan Miller, Kasi Payton, JM Perrill, Abbygail Pitstick, Hannah Rose, Kaitlyn Taylor, Nathan Taylor, Quinton Waits, and Maddi Wallace.

Junior leadership awards received personalized fleece pullovers. These recipients were: Thomas Bondurant, Macy Detty, Makayla Eggleton, Nick Elrich, Cole Karnes, Hunter Moore, Todd Peterson, Marissa Sheets and Clare Sollars. Senior leadership award recipients received fleece blankets, these recipients were: Zack Ault, Hannah Casto, Ginna Climer, Cody Clyburn, Hannah Ellenburger, Riley Evans, Bailey Perrill, Bethany Reiterman, Kameron Rinehart, Alexis Schwartz and Brock Wilt.

Along with leadership awards, Outstanding FFA Member Awards are given each year to those most involved in the chapter activities. The top 10 outstanding members of the chapter were 1. Kameron Rinehart 2. Marissa Sheets 3. Clare Sollars 4. Todd Peterson 5. Tori Evans 6. Bailey Perrill 7. Riley Evans 8. Hannah Ellenburger 9. JM Perrill and 10. Mari Grace Carson.

Every year a freshman member is bestowed with the title of Star Greenhand. This member is the most involved in leadership and chapter activities throughout the year in the freshmen class. The 2016 Star Greenhands were Tori Evans and Meri Grace Carson. Also, senior members are awarded the title of Star Chapter Member. These members are rated on their involvement over the course of four years. The Star Chapter Member was Kameron Rinehart.

The Miami Trace FFA is also concerned with academics and we encourage our members to excel in this area. In order to receive an FFA Scholarship Award, a member must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.5. The freshman scholarships were awarded to Meri Grace Carson, Callynne Cockerill, Wyatt Cory, Dani Cox, Tyler Eggleton, Tori Evans, Khenadi Grubb, Cassidy Lovett, Abbi Pettit, and Andrea Robinson. The sophomore scholarships were given out to Adam Ginn, Garrett Hagler, Morgan Miller, JM Perrill, Abbygail Pitstick, Jillian Sollars, Kaitlyn Taylor, Quinton Waits, and Jacklynn Wisecup. The junior scholarship awards were given to Macy Detty, Makayla Eggleton, Nick Elrich, Gavin Harper, Cole Karnes, Todd Peterson, Samantha Ritenour, Marissa Sheets, Clare Sollars, Colten Sword, and Lindsey Worley. The senior scholarships were given to Hannah Casto, Ginna Climer, Whitney Cockerill, Riley Evans, and Sara Rowland.

The banquet would not be complete without the announcement of the newly elected 2016-2017 FFA officers. The new officer team consists of president Makayla Eggleton, vice president Marissa Sheets, secretary Clare Sollars, treasurers Cole Karnes and Garrett Hagler, reporters Abbygail Pitstick and Maddi Wallace, student advisor Tori Evans, sentinel Todd Peterson, student development Mari Grace Carson, community development Abbi Pettit, chapter development Khenadi Grubb, and Land-Lab manager JM Perrill. The officers were installed at the conclusion of the banquet.

The Miami Trace FFA Chapter is proud to provide premier leadership, personal growth and career success through 52 years of tradition. The Miami Trace Agricultural Education department is a satellite program of Great Oaks Career Campuses.

This article was submitted by the Miami Trace FFA.

The 2016-17 Miami Trace FFA officer team: bottom row, left to right- Abbygail Pitstick, Maddi Wallace, Mari Grace Carson, Tori Evans, Abbi Pettit and Khenadi Grubb. Top row, left to right- Cole Karnes, Garrett Hagler, Marissa Sheets, Makayla Eggleton, Clare Sollars, Todd Peterson and JM Perrill. 2016-17 Miami Trace FFA officer team: bottom row, left to right- Abbygail Pitstick, Maddi Wallace, Mari Grace Carson, Tori Evans, Abbi Pettit and Khenadi Grubb. Top row, left to right- Cole Karnes, Garrett Hagler, Marissa Sheets, Makayla Eggleton, Clare Sollars, Todd Peterson and JM Perrill.

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