Lady Lions, Panthers place 2nd at swim meet

By Chris Hoppes - [email protected]

CHILLICOTHE — The Miami Trace High School and Washington High School swim teams visited Chillicothe for a meet with the Cavaliers Thursday, Dec. 8, 2022.

Chillicothe won the girls’ meet with 90 points. Washington was second with 79 points and Miami Trace scored 40 points.

Chillicothe also won the boys’ meet, scoring 114 points.

Miami Trace was second with 44 points, Unioto placed third with 18 points and Washington scored four points.

For Washington, the quartet of Natalie Truex, Audrey Lotz, Adeline Newsome and Jordan McCane won the 200-yard medley relay in a time of 2:17.19.

Audrey Lotz won the 200-yard individual medley in 2:37.93.

McCane won the 50-yard freestyle with a time of 29.91.

Newsome won the 100-yard butterfly in 1:18.02.

Truex won the 100-yard freestyle in 1:09.83. That was the closest event in the meet, with Miami Trace’s Alexa Streitenberger placing second in 1:09.97.

Streitenberger won the 100-yard backstroke in a time of 1:20.50.

Washington’s Audrey Lotz, Alyson Foster, Newsome and McCane won the 200-yard freestyle relay in 2:04.35. Lotz won the 100-yard breaststroke in 1:19.13.

Washington and Miami Trace will host Hillsboro Monday, Dec. 16 at 6 p.m.

Washington and Miami Trace girls results

200-yard medley relay (varsity) – Washington, 1st, 2:17.19 (Natalie Truex, Audrey Lotz, Adeline Newsome, Jordan McCane); Miami Trace, 3rd, 2:30.65 (Alexa Streitenberger, Brianna Parker, Madison Picklesimer, Madison Cory)

200-yard freestyle (varsity) – Brianna Parker, MT, 2nd, 2:29.70; Adeline Newsome, W, 3rd, 2:35.27; Alexandra Fitzgerald, MT, 5th, 2:53.30

200-yard individual medley (varsity) – Audrey Lotz, W, 1st, 2:37.93; Alison Lotz, W, 2nd, 3:04.06; Madison Picklesimer, MT, 4th, 3:20.46

50-yard freestyle (varsity) – Jordan McCane, W, 1st, 29.91; Sara Dawson, MT, 4th, 39.77; Alexandra Fitzgerald, MT, 5th, 42.04; Ozlyn Racine, W, 6th, 44.47

50-yard freestyle (junior-varsity) – Lilly Hamilton, MT, 2nd, 36.37; Leigha Lane-Crowder, W, 5th, 44.47; Kaylee Everhart, MT, 6th, 45.41

100-yard butterfly (varsity) – Adeline Newsome, W, 1st, 1:18.02; Alyson Foster, W, 3rd; Madison Picklesimer, MT, 4th, 1:31.21

100-yard freestyle (varsity) – Natalie Truex, W, 1st, 1:09.83; Alexa Streitenberger, MT, 2nd, 1:09.97; Jordan McCane, W, 3rd, 1:13.57; Madison Cory, MT, 6th, 1:17.81

100-yard freestyle (junior-varsity) – Ozlyn Racine, W, 3rd, 1:42.07

500-yard freestyle – Natalie Truex, W, 2nd, 6:45.85; Lilly Hamilton, MT, 4th, 7:55.75

200-yard freestyle relay (varsity) – Washington, 1st, 2:04.35 (Audrey Lotz, Alyson Foster, Adeline Newsome, Jordan McCane); Miami Trace, 3rd, 2:16.12 (Alexa Streitenberger, Madison Picklesimer, Madison Cory, Brianna Parker); Washington, 5th, 2:30.24 (Alison Lotz, Leigha Lane-Crowder, Ozlyn Racine, Natalie Truex); Miami Trace, 6th, 2:45.86 (Lilly Hamilton, Alexandra Fitzgerald, Kaylee Everhart, Sara Dawson)

100-yard backstroke (varsity) – Alexa Streitenberger, MT, 1st, 1:20.50; Alyson Foster, W, 2nd, 1:26.42; Kaylee Everhart, MT, 5th, 2:05.13; Leigha Lane-Crowder, W, 6th, 2:09.62

100-yard breaststroke (varsity) – Audrey Lotz, W, 1st, 1:19.13; Brianna Parker, MT, 3rd, 1:33.21; Alison Lotz, W, 4th, 1:33.75

Miami Trace and Washington boys results

200-yard medley relay (varsity) – Miami Trace, 2nd, 2:31.58 (Max Trimble, Christian Rossiter, Caleb Bowers, Justin Everhart)

200-yard freestyle (varsity) – Christian Rossiter, MT, 2nd, 2:23.95; Carter Liston, MT, 5th, 2:32.10; Blake Walker, W, 7th, 2:37.42

200-yard individual medley (varsity) – Carter Liston, MT, 2nd, 2:59.67

50-yard freestyle (varsity) – Christian Rossiter, MT, 2nd, 28.05; Blake Walker, W, 5th, 30.10; Justin Everhart, MT, 6th, 33.28

100-yard butterfly (varsity) – Caleb Bowers, MT, 3rd, 1:37.19

100-yard freestyle (varsity) – Max Trimble, MT, 3rd, 1:06.74; Isaiah Wightman, W, 5th, 1:17.23

500-yard freestyle (varsity) – Max Trimble, MT, 2nd, 6:40.36

200-yard freestyle relay (varsity) – Miami Trace, 2nd, 1:57.52 (Max Trimble, Carter Liston, Caleb Bowers, Christian Rossiter)

100-yard backstroke (varsity) – Justin Everhart, MT, 4th, 1:52.74

100-yard breaststroke (varsity) – Caleb Bowers, MT, 3rd, 1:32.47; Isaiah Wightman,W, 4th, 1:32.52

By Chris Hoppes

[email protected]