MTMS boys track 2nd at meet

Meet featured all SCOL teams

By Chris Hoppes - [email protected]

A track meet for middle school teams from SCOL schools was held May 4 at Washington High School.

On the boys’ side, Miami Trace was second with 92.5 points. Washington was eighth with 50.5 points.

On the girls’ side, Washington placed fourth with 79 points and Miami Trace was eighth with 29 points.

For the young Lady Lions, Rayana Burns won three events.

She won the 100-meter dash with a time of 13.15, the 200-meter dash in 27.23 and the 400-meter dash in 1:00.46.

Bethany Wilt recorded a pair of second place results.

She was second in the shot put with a throw of 33’ 7” and second in the discus throw with a distance of 68’ 6”.

Cloe Copas placed third in the 200-meter hurdles in 34.64. She was fourth in the 100-meter hurdles in 19.34.

Shawna Conger was fourth in the discus throw at 67’ 0”.

Washington placed fourth in the 4 x 200-meter relay in 2:11.04. Those team members were Abigail Tackage, Halli Wall, Kelsey Inskeep and Shawna Conger.

The Miami Trace girls’ had two fourth-place finishes.

The 4 x 100-meter relay team of Grace Bapst, Saylor Moore, Olivia Fliehman and Lilly Litteral clocked a time of 1:00.83, good for fourth place.

Aubrey Schwartz placed fourth in the shot put with a throw of 30’ 8”.

In the boys’ meet, for Miami Trace, Cole Enochs had three first-place results, two in individual events and one in a relay.

Enochs won the 800-meter run with a time of 2:25.26. He won the 1600-meter run in 5:23.69.

Enochs, Caleb Perry, Henry DeBruin and Simon DeBruin won the 4 x 400-meter relay in a time of 4:07.16.

Perry won the 400-meter dash with a time of 58.32.

Henry DeBruin placed second in the 800-meter run in a time of 2:27.53.

Kody Burns took second in the long jump with a leap of 15’ 2”.

Simon DeBruin was third in the 1600-meter run in 5:34.91.

Jaden Haldeman placed fourth in the 200-meter hurdles in a time of 30.79.

Miami Trace took fourth in the 4 x 100-meter relay in 55.03. That team was made up of Keegan Terry, Colin Farrens, Kody Burns and Caden Sweitzer.

For the Blue Lions, Eli Lynch won two events. He won the 100-meter dash in a time of 12.57. He won the 200-meter dash with a time of 25.70.

Washington’s 4 x 100-meter relay team placed third with a time of 53.26. That team was comprised of Brandon Cubbage, Eli Lynch, Brice Cartwright and James Baughn.

Sterling Smith placed third in the discus throw at 106’ 6”.

Baughn placed fourth in the 800-meter run with a time of 2:35.91.

Gabe Arazo took fourth in the high jump at 4’ 8”.

Washington and Miami Trace girls results from May 4, 2016

100-meter dash – Rayana Burns, W, 1st, 13.15; Halli Wall, W, 7th, 14.50; Lilly Litteral, MT, 9th, 14.75; Olivia Fliehman, MT, 11th, 15.08.

200-meter dash – Rayana Burns, W, 1st, 27.23; Abby Arledge, MT, 8th, 31.35; Kate Leach, MT, 13th, 34.41

400-meter dash – Rayana Burns, W, 1st, 1:00.46; Abby Arledge, MT,7th, 1:12.44; Hazen Jacobs, MT,11th, 1:14.77

800-meter run – Olivia Fliehman, MT, 7th, 3:02.33; Aubrey McCoy, MT, 9th, 3:06.44

1600-meter run – Kylie Pettit, MT, 7th, 6:45.98; Addy Little, MT, 10th, 7:05.52; Abigail Tackage, W, 11th, 7:30.35

100-meter hurdles – Cloe Copas, W, 4th, 19.34; Saylor Moore, MT, 12th, 22.03; Gracie Greene, MT, 13th, 22.08; Jocelyn Trimmer, W, 14th, 22.13

200-meter hurdles – Cloe Copas, W, 3rd, 34.64; Saylor Moore, MT, 13th, 38.45; Gracie Greene, MT, 14th, 38.97; Jocelyn Trimmer, 16th, 39.74

4 x 100-meter relay – Miami Trace, 4th, 1:00.83 (Grace Bapst, Saylor Moore, Olivia Fliehman, Lilly Litteral); Washington, 7th, 1:02.59 (Cloe Copas, Kelsey Inskeep, Halli Wall, Morgan Williams)

4 x 200-meter relay – Washington, 4th, 2:11.04 (Abigail Tackage, Halli Wall, Kelsey Inskeep, Shawna Conger); Miami Trace, dq

4 x 400-meter relay – Miami Trace, 6th, 5:12.46 (Grace Bapst, Deven Thomas, Hazen Jacobs, Chloe Scott); Washington, 7th, 5:57.04 (Jocelyn Trimmer, Abigail Tackage, Morgan Williams, Kelsey Inskeep)

High jump – Kate Leach, MT, 6th, 4’ 0”

Long jump – Abby Arledge, MT, 7th 12’ 5”; Aubrey McCoy, MT, 12th, 11’ 4 1/4”; Morgan Williams, W, 14th, 9’ 8”

Shot put – Bethany Wilt, W, 2nd, 33’ 7”; Shawn Conger, W, 3rd, 30’ 8”; Aubrey Schwartz, MT, 4th, 30’ 8”; Syndy Howard, MT, 13th, 19’ 8”

Discus throw – Bethany Wilt, W, 2nd, 68’ 6”; Shawn Conger, W, 4th, 67’ 0”; Aubrey Schwartz, MT, 5th, 66’ 1”; Natasha Andreas, MT, 11th, 52’ 8”

Girls team results from May 4, 2016

Wilmington, 1st, 103.83; Clinton-Massie, 2nd, 96; Chillicothe, 3rd, 80.83; Washington, 4th, 79; Hillsboro, 5th, 55; McClain, 6th, 51.33; East Clinton, 7th, 49; Miami Trace, 8th, 29

Miami Trace and Washington boys results from May 4, 2016

100-meter dash – Eli Lynch, W, 1st, 12.57; Kody Burns, MT, 7th, 13.39; Brandon Cubbage, W, 9th, 13.58; Caden Sweitzer, MT, 10th, 13.72

200-meter dash – Eli Lynch, W, 1st, 25.70; Andrew Amore, MT, 5th, 26.87; Jordan Rohrer, W, 13th, 34.41

400-meter dash – Caleb Perry, MT, 1st, 58.32; Henry DeBruin, MT, 5th, 1:01.66; Dodge McGraw, W, 11th, 1:08.29; Levi Hites, W, 12th, 1:09.22

800-meter run – Cole Enochs, MT, 1st, 2:25.26; Henry DeBruin, MT, 2nd, 2:27.53; James Baughn, W, 4th, 2:35.91

1600-meter run – Cole Enochs, MT, 1st, 5:23.69; Simon DeBruin, MT, 3rd, 5:34.91

110-meter hurdles – Jaden Halderman, MT, 5th, 19.71; Brice Cartwright, W, 6th, 20.38; Levi Hites, W, 7th, 20.64; Trevor Throckmorton, MT, 13th, 21.93

200-meter hurdles – Jaden Halderman, MT, 4th, 31.13; Brice Cartwright, W, 6th, 32.91; Trevor Throckmorton, MT, 9th, 34.76

4 x 100-meter relay – Washington, 3rd, 53.26 (Brandon Cubbage, Eli Lynch, Brice Cartwright, James Baughn); Miami Trace, 4th, 55.03 (Keegan Terry, Colin Farrens, Kody Burns, Caden Sweitzer)

4 x 200-meter relay – Miami Trace, 6th, 2:01.34 (Keegan Terry, Caleb Perry, Simon DeBruin, Caden Sweitzer); Washington, 8th, 2:12.52 (Levi Hites, Samuel Shaffer, Dodge McGraw, Gabriel Pickerill)

4 x 400-meter relay – Miami Trace, 1st, 4:07.16 (Caleb Perry, Henry DeBruin, Simon DeBruin, Cole Enochs); Washington, 8th, 5:10.23 (Benjamin Siat, Joseph Kobel, Jordan Rohrer, Dodge McGraw)

High jump – Gabe Arazo, W, tied 4th, 4’ 8”; Andrew Amore, MT, tied 4th, 4’ 8”; Colin Farrens, MT, 9th, 4’ 6”

Long jump – Kody Burns, MT, 2nd, 15’ 2”; Gabe Arazo, W, 9th, 13’ 7”; Jaden Halderman, MT, 10th, 13’ 5 3/4”; Gabriel Pickerill, W, 14th, 11’ 6 1/4”

Shot put – Sterling Smith, W, 9th, 33’ 4”; Jay Caudill, MT, tied 12th, 29’ 2”; Caden Bridges, MT, 15th, 27 ‘8”; Joseph Kobel, W, 16th, 25’ 7”

Discus throw – Sterling Smith, W, 3rd, 106’ 6”; Trevor Minyo, W, 12th, 70’ 9”; Austin Conklin, MT, 13th, 69’ 10”; Trevor Throckmorton, MT, 14th, 66’ 3”

Boys team results from May 4, 2016

McClain, 1st, 102.5; Miami Trace, 2nd, 92.5; Clinton-Massie, 3rd, 69.5; East Clinton, 4th, 60; Hillsboro, 5th, 58; Wilmington, 6th, 57; Chillicothe, 7th, 55; Washington, 8th, 50.5

Meet featured all SCOL teams

By Chris Hoppes

[email protected]

Reach Chris Hoppes at 740-335-3611, ext. 1104, or on Twitter @choppes1

Reach Chris Hoppes at 740-335-3611, ext. 1104, or on Twitter @choppes1