McClain sweeps Bob Bergstrom Invit.

Panthers, 2nd; MT girls 4th, WHS girls 5th

By Chris Hoppes -

GREENFIELD — The Miami Trace High School track teams and the Washington High School girls team competed in the Bob Bergstrom Invitational at McClain High School Friday, April 30.

McClain won the girls’ meet with 174 team points. Hillsboro was second with 144 points.

Miami Trace was fourth with 84 points and Washington was fifth with 71 points.

McClain won the boys’ meet, scoring 140.5 team points

Miami Trace was second with 120, followed by Circleville with 117.5 and Adena with 117 team points.

For Miami Trace, Jaden Haldeman won the 110-meter hurdles in a time of 15.60. Haldeman won the 300-meter hurdles with a time of 41.00.

Haldeman also won the not-often-contested triple jump at 43’ 2”.

Libby Aleshire won the discus throw with a distance of 100’ 3”.

Jana Griffith won the triple jump with a distance of 30’ 1/2”.

Alyssa Butler was second in the long jump with a leap of 15’ 3 1/2”.

For Washington, Jeleeya Tyree-Smith placed second in the high jump at 4’ 8”.

Chloe Lovett was second in the 100-meter hurdles in 16.52. Lovett took 2nd in the 300-meter hurdles in 47.87.

Cloe Copas placed second in the 1600-meter run in 5:52.96.

Miami Trace’s 4 x 800-meter relay team was second with a time of 9:19.43. Those runners were: Graham Carson, Caleb Brannigan, Mcale Callahan and Eli Fliehman.

Aaron Little, Treven Shoemaker, Preston Reed and Keegan Terry placed second in the 4 x 200-meter relay with a time of 1:39.70.

Jadon Rowe was second in the 200-meter dash in 23.41.

Logan Rodgers was second in the high jump, clearing the bar at 5’ 10”.

The McClain girls team placed first in nine events, with Kerrigan Pollard winning the 100-meter hurdles, 100-meter dash, 300-meter hurdles and 200-meter dash.

Geneve Baril won the 800, 1600 and 3200-meter events and Lily Barnes won the shot put.

McClain’s Emma Stegbauer, Luca Matesic, Macey McCune and Iva Easter combined to place first in the 4 x 100-meter relay in 53.88.

The next meet for Miami Trace and Washington will be the Miami Trace Invitational, scheduled for Thursday at 4:30 p.m.

Miami Trace and Washington girls results:

Shot put: Libby Aleshire, MT, 4th, 30’ 5”; Lilly Workman, MT, 5th, 29’ 2 1/2”; Emma Payne, W, 7th, 25’ 9”; Emilee Wilson, 13th, 23’ 11”

High jump: Jeleeya Tyree-Smith, W, 2nd, 4’ 8”; Laurel Marting, W, 10th, 4’ 2”

Pole vault: Kaithlyn Maquilling, W, 4th, 7’ 0”

4 x 800-meter relay: W, 4th, 11:52.29 (Cloe Copas, Maggie Copas, Kayli Merritt, Madison Hayes); MT, 6th, 14:05.99 (Gracie Shull, Lydia Castle, Reagan Barton, Mallory Conklin)

100-meter hurdles: Chloe Lovett, W, 2nd, 16.52; Morgan Cartwright, W, 6th, 18.72; Courtney Arnold, MT, 11th, 21.30

100-meter dash: Alyssa Butler, MT, 6th, 13.55; Kierstyn Mitchell, W, 9th, 13.69; Avereigh Collie, W, 10th, 13.76; Abby Little, MT, 15th, 14.54

4 x 200-meter relay: W, 4th, 1:57.40 (Chloe Lovett, Kierstyn Mitchell, Haley Brenner, Isabella Racine); MT, 5th, 1:58.15 (Jana Griffith, McKinley Kelley, Mary Pfeifer, Mallory Pavey)

1600-meter run: Cloe Copas, W, 2nd, 5:52.96; Mallory Conklin, MT, 3rd, 6:13.16; Madison Hayes, W, 6th, 6:36.78; Meghan Cory, MT, 7th, 6:39.66

4 x 100-meter relay: MT, 3rd, 55.07 (Mary Pfeifer, McKinley Melley, Mallory Pavey, Alyssa Butler); W, 5th, 55.96 (Haley Brenner, Kierstyn Mitchell, Avereigh Collie, Isabella Racine)

400-meter dash: Gracie Shull, MT, 10th, 1:16.83; Kayli Merritt, W, 11th, 1:17.61; Mia Moats, W, 12th, 1:19.59; Faith Wiseman, MT, 15th, 1:29.79

300-meter hurdles: Chloe Lovett, W, 2nd, 47.87; Jana Griffith, MT, 3rd, 50.92; Laurel Marting, W, 8th, 56.84

800-meter run: Mallory Conklin, MT, 5th, 2:50.21; Kaithlyn Maquilling, W, 10th, 3:09.93; Megan Sever, W, 11th, 3:11.42; Lydia Castle, MT, 13th, 3:45.70

200-meter dash: Chloe Lovett, W, 7th, 28.43; Isabella Racine, W, 11th, 29.46; Alyssa Butler, MT, 12th, 29.62; Abby Little, MT, 15th, 32.08

3200-meter run: Meghan Cory, MT 6th, 14:10.15; Madison Hayes, W, 7th, 14:22.63; Maggie Copas, W, 8th, 14:29.27

4 x 400-meter relay: MT, 6th, 4:59.88 (Mallory Conklin, McKinley Kelley, Courtney Arnold, Lilly Workman); W, 7th, 5:11.28 (Megan Sever, Laurel Marting, Kayli Merritt, Cloe Copas)

Long jump: Alyssa Butler, MT, 2nd, 15’ 3 1/2”; McKinley Kelley, MT, 8th, 14’ 7”; Laurel Marting, W 9th, 14’ 5”; Aaralyne Estep, W, 14th, 13’ 8”

Discus throw: Libby Aleshire, MT, 1st, 100’ 3”; Lilly Workman, MT, 3rd, 88’ 7”; Ozlyn Racine, W, 15th, 50’ 4”; Abigail Joseph, W, 16th, 48’ 5”

Triple jump: Jana Griffith, MT, 1st, 30’ 1/2”; Aaralyne Estep, W, 5th, 28’ 5 1/4”

Girls team scores:

McClain, 1st, 174; Hillsboro, 2nd, 144; Circleville, 3rd, 118.5; Miami Trace, 4th, 84; Washington, 5th, 71; Fairfield, 6th, 60.5; Paint Valley, 7th, 23.5; ADena, 8th, 19.5

Miami Trace boys results:

Discus throw: Cole Campbell, 10th, 94’ 3”; Logan Rodgers, 12th, 84’ 6”

Shot put: Cloe Campbell, 6th, 37’ 2”; Bryce Bennett, 10th, 35’ 4 1/2”

Long jump: Aaron Little, 8th, 17’ 4”; Taevin Brown, 11th, 16’ 6 1/2”

4 x 800-meter relay: 2nd, 9:19.43 (Graham Carson, Caleb Brannigan, Mcale Callahan, Eli Fliehman)

110-meter hurdles: Jaden Haldeman, 1st, 15.60

100-meter dash: Jadon Rowe, 5th, 11.53; Taevin Brown, 8th, 12.01

4 x 200-meter relay: 2nd, 1:39.70 (Aaron Little, Treven Shoemaker, Preston Reed, Keegan Terry)

1600-meter run: Caleb Brannigan, 4th, 5:04.61; Graham Carson, 8th, 5:23.39

4 x 100-meter relay: 5th, 47.42 (Taevin Brown, Jadon Rowe, Aaron Little, Keegan Terry)

400-meter dash: Treven Shoemaker, 6th, 59.13; Jake Manbevers, 7th, 1:00.03

300-meter hurdles: Jaden Haldeman, 1st, 41.00; Christian Rossiter, 8th, 51.40

800-meter run: Eli Fliehman, 7th, 2:30.79; Max Trimble, 8th, 2:32.43

200-meter dash: Jadon Rowe, 2nd, 23.41; Aaron Little, 7th, 24.16

3200-meter run: Caleb Brannigan, 3rd, 11:32.99; Mcale Callahan, 4th, 11:41.68

4 x 400-meter relay: 6th, 3:58.85 (Graham Carson, Treven Shoemaker, Zach Smith, Jake Manbevers)

High jump: Logan Rodgers, 2nd, 5’ 10”; Jaden Haldeman, 5th, 5’ 8”

Pole vault: Riston LeBeau, 3rd, 9’ 6”; Aiden Johnson, 6th, 9’ 0”

Triple jump: Jaden Haldeman, 1st, 43’ 2”

Boys team scores:

McClain, 1st, 140.5; Miami Trace, 2nd, 120; Circleville, 3rd, 117.5; Adena, 4th, 117; Hillsboro, 5th, 89; Paint Valley, 6th, 53; Fairfield, 7th, 37; McClain ‘B’, 8th, 5

Panthers, 2nd; MT girls 4th, WHS girls 5th

By Chris Hoppes