Blue Lion track opens 2021 season

Competes at Fairweather Relays in Chillicothe

By Chris Hoppes -

CHILLICOTHE — The Washington Blue Lion varsity track teams competed in the season-opening Fairweather Relays at Chillicothe Saturday, March 27.

The Blue Lion boys team placed ninth with 33 points and the Lady Lions were 10th with 17.5 points.

Unioto won the boys’ meet with 70 points, edging Chillicothe (68) and Logan (66).

Hillsboro placed eighth with 42 points

Logan won the girls’ meet, scoring 76 points, narrowly defeating Bexley (74).

Hillsboro was fourth with 61.5 points and Chillicothe was fifth with 55.5 points.

In the shot put, Washington’s Sterling Smith won with a throw of 47’ 1 1/2”. There were 32 contestants in the event.

Smith placed second in the discus throw out of 33 with a distance of 123’ 3”.

In the pole vault, Kaithlyn Maquilling placed tied for fourth with a vault of 7’ 0”.

Unioto continued to show strength in the distance events as their boys team won the 4 x 1600-meter relay in 19:22.

Hillsboro won the girls’ 4 x 100-meter relay in 53.61.

Chillicothe won the boys’ 4 x 100-meter relay in 45.00.

Unioto won the girls’ 800 sprint medley in 2:01.21. Chillicothe was second in 2:04.07.

Chillicothe’s boys were second in the 800 sprint medley with a time of 1:43.67.

Chillicothe’s girls won the 4 x 200-meter relay in 1:56.76, a photo finish with Hillsboro’s girls clocking second at 1:56.77.

Hillsboro’s boys won the 4 x 200-meter relay in 1:37.05.

Chillicothe took second in both the girls and boys distance medley (14:09.73 and 11:46.85, respectively).

Chillicothe was second in the 4 x 400-meter boys relay in 3:46.22.

Anthony Richards of Hillsboro won the long jump at 19’ 8 1/2”.

The Blue Lions will host a dual meet with Cedarville Tuesday beginning at 4:30 p.m.

Washington Lady Blue Lion results:

4 x 1600-meter relay: Washington, 6th, 32:08.00 (Kayli Merritt, Maggie Copas, Emilee Wilson, Shelbee Crago)

4 x 100-meter shuttle hurdles: Washington, 8th, 1:18.98 (Chloe Lovett, Megan Sever, Mya Perez, Laurel Marting)

100-meter dash J-V: Arajah Mack, 6th, 16.08; Kaylin Hughes, 10th, 16.57; Abigail Jospeh, 12th, 16.88; Jaina Applegate, 13th, 16.89; Jordan Montgomery, 15th, 17.20; Emilee Wilson, 20th, 17.69

4 x 100-meter relay: Washington, 7th, 56.44 (Aarlyne Estep, Chloe Lovett, Arianna Heath, Megan Sever)

4 x 800-meter relay: Washington, 8th, 12:28.21 (Cloe Copas, Mia Moats, Maggie Copas, Diya Patel)

200-meter dash J-V: Jaina Applegate, 17th, 37.75

800-meter sprint medley: Washington, 7th, 2:10.69 (Arianna Heath, Haley Brenner, Aaralyne Estep, Chloe Lovett)

4 x 200-meter relay: Washington, 10th, 2:15.90 (Arajah Mack, Mya Perez, Jordan Montgomery, Kaithlyn Maquilling)

Distance medley: Washington, dnf

4 x 400-meter relay: Washington, 9th, 5:01.37 (Chloe Lovett, Cloe Copas, Kayli Merritt, Kaithlyn Maquilling)

Long jump: Aaralyne Estep, 11th, 13’ 4 3/4”; Haley Brenner, 19th, 12’ 5 3/4”; Megan Sever, tie 25th, 11’ 1/4”

High jump: Cloe Copas, tie 16th, 4’ 2”; Mya Perez, tie 21st, 4’ 0”

Pole vault: Kaithlyln Maquilling, tie 4th, 7’ 0”

Discus throw: Abigail Joseph, 25th, 49’ 5”; Kaylin Hughes, 26th, 47’ 6”; Emilee Wilson, 28th, 36’ 8”

Shot put: Emilee Wilson, 21st, 20’ 9”; Abigail Jospeh, 26th, 18’ 3”; Kaylin Hughes, 31st, 14’ 2 3/4”

Washington Blue Lion results:

4 x 1600-meter relay: n/a

4 x 110-meter shuttle hurdles: Washington, 6th, 1:13.66 (Ethan Rogers-Wright, Garrett Rickman, Paris Nelson, Mason Coffman)

100-meter dash J-V: Trae Patton, 5th, 13:34; Ryan Smith, 8th, 13.53; Kelton McCracken, 9th, 13.54; Caden Shiltz, 11th, 13.58; Tyler Bently, 13th, 13.73

4 x 100-meter relay: Washington, 7th, 47.71 (Ethan Rogers-Wright, Trae Patton, Mason Coffman, Cody Brown)

4 x 800-meter relay: Washington, 10th, 11:15.19 (Reilly Downing, Preston Hines, Jason Wagner, Zaigne Fettig)

200-meter dash J-V: Bryeson Self, 3rd, 26.38; Tyler Bently, 4th, 27.43; Kelton McCracken, 6th, 27.70; Logan Pressley, 7th, 27.71

800-meter sprint medley: n/a

4 x 200-meter relay: Washington, 9th, 1:46.36 (Bryeson Self, Logan Pressley, Paris Nelson, Trae Patton)

Distance medley: Washington, 9th, 14:25.04 (Ian Roush, Zaigne Fettig, Isaiah Wightman, Caden Hott)

4 x 400-meter relay: Washington, 11th, 4:07.88 (Caden Hott, Garrett Rickman, Reilly Downing, Cody Brown)

Long jump: Logan Pressley, 20th, 15’ 7 1/4”; Preston Hines, 24th, 14’ 4”; Trae Patton, 26th, 13’ 4 3/4”

High jump: Ethan Rogers-Wright, tie 9th, 5’ 2”; Garrett Rickman, tie 9th, 5’ 2”

Pole vault: Jacob Stone, tie 3rd, 11’ 0”; Reilly Downing, tie 5th, 9’ 0”

Discus throw: Sterling Smith, 2nd, 123’ 3”; Reece Self, 22nd, 86’ 1”; Charles Souther, 23rd, 85’ 9”

Shot put: Sterling Smith, 1st, 47’ 1 1/2”; Mason Mustain, 9th, 37’ 9 3/4”; Charles Souther, 10th, 36’ 8 1/2”

Competes at Fairweather Relays in Chillicothe

By Chris Hoppes