Lady Lion track 2nd at McClain Invit.

By Chris Hoppes - [email protected]

GREENFIELD — The Washington Blue Lion and Miami Trace Panther track teams both took part in the McClain Invitational Friday, April 29.

Washington was second in the girls’ meet with 120 points.

Zane Trace won the meet with 141.5 points.

Miami Trace placed seventh with 52.5 points.

Miami Trace was sixth in the boys’ meet with 72 points.

Washington placed seventh with 39 points.

Circleville won the meet with 147.33 points.

The Washington girls recorded five first place finishes.

Alexis Gray won the 400-meter dash in a time of 59.12. Gray won the 800-meter run in 2:25.12.

Maddy Garrison took first in the 3200-meter run in 12:09.51.

The Lady Lions won the 4 x 100 and 4 x 200-meter relays.

Maria Wilson, Holly Inskeep, Haley Petitt and Megan Mullins won the 4 x 1 in a time of 53.62.

Gray, Mullins, Petitt and Inskeep won the 4 x 2 in 1:49.81.

Garrison placed second in the 1600-meter run in 5:29.89.

Mullins took second in the long jump with a leap of 15’ 9”.

Kirsten List placed third in the 3200-meter run in 13:19.37.

The Lady Lions took a third place finish in the 4 x 400-meter relay with a time of 4:23.97.

Those team members were: Gray, Mullins, Garrison and Raven Haithcock.

Washington was third in the 4 x 800-meter relay in 11:35.61. That relay was composed of Garrison, List, Kynzie Osborne and Alexa Harris.

Megan Downing placed third in the pole vault at 8’ 6”.

For Miami Trace, Katie Seyfang won the shot put with a throw of 34’ 4”.

Tori Morrison placed second in the high jump, clearing 5’ 0”.

Seyfang was third in the discus throw at 100’ 8”.

For the Panthers, Blake Pittser was a double winner at McClain. He won the 1600-meter run in a time of 4:50.21 and the 3200-meter run in 10:34.50.

Wes Seyfang placed second in the shot put at 41’ 6”. He was third in the discus throw at 115’ 11”.

For the Blue Lions, the top placer was the 4 x 800-meter relay team, taking second in a time of 9:15.00. That team consisted of Brandon Underwood, Josh Trimmer, Lee Shaffer and Branton Mitchell.

Caleb Rice placed third in the 110-meter hurdles in 17.50.

Girls team scores from McClain, 4-29-16

Zane Trace, 1st, 141.5; Washington, 2nd, 120; Westfall, 3rd, 88; Adena, 4th, 82; Circleville, 5th, 74; McClian, 6th, 69; Miami Trace, 7th, 52.5; Hillsboro, 8th, 34

Boys team scores from McClain, 4-29-16

Circleville, 1st, 147.33; McClain 2nd, 116; Hillsboro, 3rd, 99.33; Adena, 4th, 88.33; Zane Trace, 5th, 74; Miami Trace, 6th, 72; Washington, 7th, 39; Westfall, 8th, 26

Washington and Miami Trace girls results

100-meter dash – Holly Inskeep, W, 5th, 13.47; Maria Wilson, W, 10th, 14.12; Olivia Flerchinger, MT, 12th 14.63; Kaitlyn Taylor, MT, 14th, 15.52

200-meter dash – Holly Inskeep, W, 5th, 28.17; Jaelyn Mason, W, 8th, 29.03; Macey Stires, MT, 10th, 29.42

400-meter dash – Alexis Gray, W, 1st, 59.12; Kaitlyn Taylor, MT, 10th, 1:15.85

800-meter run – Alexis Gray, W, 1st, 2:25.12; Alexa Harris, W, 8th, 2:55.16; Anna Pfeifer, MT, 12th, 3:16.56

1600-meter run – Maddy Garrison, W, 2nd, 5:29.89; Kirsten List, W, 5th, 5:56.70; Tori Evans, MT, 7th, 6:06.26

3200-meter run – Maddy Garrison, W, 1st, 12:09.51; Kirsten List, W, 3rd, 13:19.37

100-meter hurdles – Maria Wilson, W, 4th, 17.40; Macy Creamer, MT, 6th, 17.67

300-meter hurdles – Morgan Miller, MT, 10th, 58.61; Hannah Patterson, W, 12th, 1:01.01

4 x 100-meter relay – W, 1st, 53.62 (Maria Wilson, Holly Inskeep, Haley Petitt, Megan Mullins; MT, 4th, 55.82 (Macy Creamer, Olivia Flerchinger, Laralyn LeBeau, Alexis Smith)

4 x 200-meter relay – W, 1st, 1:49.81 (Alexis Gray, Megan Mullins, Haley Petitt, Holly Inskeep); Mt, 5th, 1:58.41 (Laralyn LeBeau, Tori Morrison, Macey Stires, Alexis Smith)

4 x 400-meter relay – W, 3rd, 4:23.97 (Alexis Gray, Megan Mullins, Maddy Garrison, Raven Haithcock); MT, 6th, 4:45.03 (Morgan Miller, Tori Morrison, Olivia Flerchinger, Laralyn LeBeau)

4 x 800-meter relay – W, 3rd, 11:35.61 (Maddy Garrison, Kirsten List, Kynzie Osborne, Alexa Harris); MT, 5th, 12:37.69 (Tori Evans, Anna Pfeifer, Julia Barrett, Gwen Donato)

High jump – Tori Morrison, MT, 2nd, 5’ 0”; Macey Stires, MT tied 4th, 4’ 8”; Savanna Davis, W, 7th, 4’ 8”

Pole vault – Megan Downing, W, 3rd, 8’ 6”; Jaelyn Mason, W, 5th, 8’ 0”; Tori Morrison, MT, tied 9th, 6’ 0”; Elizabeth Kratzer, MT, tied 9th, 6’ 0”

Long jump – Megan Mullins, W, 2nd, 15’ 9”; Savanna Davis, W 11th, 13’ 9”; Laralyn LeBeau, MT, 13th, 13’ 1”

Shot put – Katie Seyfang, MT, 1st, 34’ 4”; Mallorie Garrett, W, 10th, 26’ 4”; Gretchen Ivers, MT, 11th, 24’ 5”; Emily Adams, W, 14th, 18’ 10”

Discus throw – Katie Seyfang, MT, 3rd, 100’ 8”; Mallorie Garrett, W, 10th, 72’ 11”; Trinity Ragland, W, 11th, 72’ 6”; Gretchen Ivers, MT, 13th, 63’ 2”

Miami Trace and Washington boys results

100-meter dash – Drake Litteral, MT, 5th, 11.55; Elijah Sauceda, MT, 9th, 12.11; Jerry Knapp, W, 10th, 12.22; Ethan Smith, W, 13th, 12.82

200-meter dash – Devin Bainter, MT, 7th, 24.95; Jerry Knapp, W, 9th, 25.50; Ethan Smith, W, 11th, 26.39

400-meter dash – Brandon Underwood, W, 7th, 55.00; Josh Trimmer, W, 10th, 59.44; Corey Olley, MT, 11th, 1:01.23

800-meter dash – Branton Mitchell, W, 8th, 2:20.56; Jake Atwood, MT, 10th, 2:22.43; Jothem Lewis, MT, 12th, 2:26.83

1600-meter run – Blake Pittser, MT, 1st, 4:50.21; Jake Atwood, MT, 7th, 5:20.61; Cody Riley, W, 13th, 5:38.62; Connor Lane, W, 14th, 5:49.11

3200-meter run – Blake Pittser, MT, 1st, 10:34.50; August Langley, MT, 9th, 12:19.88; Connor Lane, W, 11th, 12:28.96; Lee Shaffer, W, 12th, 12:47.15

110-meter hurdles – Caleb Rice, W, 3rd, 17.50; Jonah Meehan, MT, 4th, 18.06; Wyatt Cory, MT, 9th, 20.63

300-meter hurdles – Wyatt Cory, MT,7th, 48.31; Joseph Meehan, W, 9th, 51.10

4 x 100-meter relay – MT, 4th, 46.52 (Noah Wiseman, Brandon Arledge, Devin Bainter, Drake Litteral); W, 5th, 48.71 (Ethan Smith, Jerry Knapp, Hunter Sever, Caleb Rice)

4 x 200-meter relay – MT, 4th, 1:35.69 (Noah Wiseman, Malik Jackson, Drake Litteral, Tyrae Pettiford); W, 6th, 1:41.24 (Jerry Knapp, Caleb Rice, Branton Mitchell, Brandon Underwood)

4 x 400-meter relay – MT, 6th, 3:48.87 (Noah Wiseman, Brandon Arledge, Malik Jackson, Tyrae Pettiford); W, 7th, 3:52.04 (Josh Trimmer, Branton Mitchell, Caleb Rice, Brandon Underwood)

4 x 800-meter relay – W, 2nd, 9:15.00 (Brandon Underwood, Josh Trimmer, Lee Shaffer, Branton Mitchell); MT, 4th, 9:29.87 (Jake Atwood, Jothem Lewis, August Langley, Blake Pittser)

High jump – Wyatt Cory, MT, 9th, 5’ 2”; Jordan Morris, W, 10th, 5’ 2”

Pole vault – Hunter Sever, W, 4th, 10’ 6”; Jacob Haldeman, MT, 6th, 10’ 0”; Wyatt Cory, MT, tied 11th, 8’ 0”

Long jump – Devin Bainter, MT, 8th, 17’ 10”; Corey Olley, MT, 10th, 17’ 6 1/2”; Hunter Sever, W, 15th, 13’ 11”

Shot put – Wes Seyfang, MT, 2nd, 41’ 6”; Trevor Hicks, W, 4th, 39’ 8”; Jordan Morris, 6th, 39’ 6”; Brad Mossbarger, MT, 8th, 37’ 1”

Discus throw – Wes Seyfang, MT, 3rd, 115’ 11”; Colin Wolffe, MT, 9th, 101’ 1”; Mason McCane, W, 11th, 98’ 8”; Trevor Hicks, W, 12th, 96’ 11”

By Chris Hoppes

[email protected]

Reach Chris Hoppes at 740-335-3611, ext. 1104, or on Twitter @choppes1ch

Reach Chris Hoppes at 740-335-3611, ext. 1104, or on Twitter @choppes1ch