Blue Lion bowling opens season against McClain

By Chris Hoppes - [email protected]

On Tuesday, Nov. 24, the Washington Blue Lion bowling teams rolled out the first match of the 2020-21 season, hosting the Tigers of McClain High School at LeElla Lanes.

The Miami Trace Panthers also took part in this match.

In the girls match, Miami Trace won with a team score of 2,340.

Washington had a score of 1,842 and McClain rolled a total of 1,624.

For Miami Trace, Gabby McCord had a 216 and a 179 for a 395 total.

Ashton Ruth had a 221 game and a 155 game for a 376 total.

Macie Caudill’s first game was a 208, followed by a 144 for a 352 total; Lindsey Stump had a 186 and a 147 for a 333 total and Brianna Gozy had a 169 and a 156 for a 325 total.

Miami Trace had baker games of 211, 166 and 182.

For Washington, Hanna Yoho had a 186 game and a 168 game for a 354 total.

Brooklyn Foose had a 178 and a 146 for a 324 total.

Jessika Young had a 137 and a 153 for a 290 combined score.

Mei Kobayashi had a one-game score of 88 and Grace Bailey rolled a 78.

Washington had baker game totals of 180, 152 and 188.

For McClain, Hannah Knisley had a 164 and a 169 for a leading total of 333.

Vivian Dennis rolled a 126 and a 134 for a 260 total.

Emily Howard had a 125 and a 105 for a 230 total; Caitlin Willis had a 124 and a 99 for a 223 total; Emily Hester had a 115 game and Becka Baxla had a 100 game total.

McClain’s baker scores were 128, 120 and 115.

In the boys’ match, Washington defeated McClain, 2,190 to 1,666.

Jordan Pottle led Washington with a 222 and a 246 for a 468 total.

In game one, Garrett Coy had a 173 and Owen Mullins a 170.

In game two, Drew Ferguson had a 171 and Coy scored a 150.

No other scores were available from the boys’ match.

Washington and Miami Trace will compete in the Centerville Elks Invitational Saturday at 10 a.m.

By Chris Hoppes

[email protected]