Miami Trace’s Amore bowls 299 game

By Chris Hoppes -



Early in January, Miami Trace senior Andrew Amore came as close as you can to bowling a perfect game without actually completing the feat.

In a Frontier Athletic Conference match against Chillicothe on Jan. 9, Amore rolled 11 consecutive strikes.

On his 12th and final ball, somehow the seven pin remained standing.

“On the last ball, he threw it right in the pocket and left the seven pin,” Amore’s high school coach, and grandfather, Ron Amore Sr. said. “It was a really good shot and that’s what happened.

“He’s been bowling really well,” Amore said. “Our two seniors, last week in our last regular season FAC match, both of them had the first seven (strikes). Jay Caudill and Andrew, both.

“Then Jay missed the next frame and Andrew threw one more (strike) and then he missed the next one,” Amore said. “They both struck out for a 265 in the same game.”

Andrew Amore said that he did bowl a 300 game once, in a pre-bowl prior to a Saturday morning league match.

Amore spoke about the 12th ball and narrowly missing a perfect game in high school competition.

“I thought it was a good ball,” Amore said. “It just drove a little too hard on the back end and left the seven pin.”

Amore and his teammates are preparing for the FAC tournament, which is Thursday at LeElla Lanes.

Miami Trace placed second in the conference last year to Hillsboro.

Amore was named the 2019 Bowler of the Year in the FAC.

Miami Trace is in Division I for bowling. In the Southeast District, for the postseason, Division I teams begin play in the District tournament Friday, Feb. 28 at Sunrise Strikes in Zanesville.

From there, one team (out of the nine total competing) and one individual not on the team that qualifies, advances to State.

The Panthers did not make it past the Sectional tournament last year, Amore recalled.

What are the goals for Amore and the Panthers moving forward?

“To win league,” Amore said. “Then win Districts, then go win State.”

Lofty goals, to be sure.

Amore was asked if he would be satisfied just making it to State.

“No,” Amore said.

Amore also spoke about having his grandfather as the head coach of his team.

“It’s a pretty great experience,” Amore said. “He knows a lot and it’s good to learn from him. He expects a lot out of me and he pushes me to be better.”

Having his grandfather as his coach doesn’t make things any easier for Amore.

“No. If anything, it’s a higher standard he expects out of me,” Amore said.


By Chris Hoppes