Chillicothe wins boys FAC swim title

By Chris Hoppes -

GREENFIELD — The Frontier Athletic Conference held it third annual boys swim meet Wednesday at the natatorium at McClain High School.

Chillicothe won the meet in a very close finish over McClain.

The Cavaliers scored 382 points to 367 for McClain.

Hillsboro was third with 197 points, followed by Washington in fourth with 147 and Miami Trace fifth with 89.

Jackson High School does not have a swim team.

Chillicothe won eight of the 11 events.

McClain placed first in the other three events.

McClain’s Cody Borsini won the 50-yard freestyle, the 100-yard freestyle and the team of Matthew Milnes, Logan Scales, Luke Bliss and Borsini won the 200-yard freestyle relay.

Either Chillicothe or McClain placed first or second in every event.

Washington junior Ty Rose placed third in the 50-yard freestyle and sophomore Benaiah Harper was third in the 100-yard backstroke.

Miami Trace freshman Christian Rossiter was fourth in the 200-yard freestyle and fourth in the 500-yard freestyle.

The girls FAC meet was postponed and has been rescheduled for Monday at 5 p.m. at McClain High School.

Washington and Miami Trace FAC results:

200-yard medley relay:

Washington, 5th, 2:11.09 (Chandler Carr, Preston Hines, Cameron Johnson, Ty Rose); Miami Trace, 6th, 2:16.15 (Jacob Downing, Trevor Throckmorton, Christian Rossiter, Kahlin Orso)

200-yard freestyle:

Christian Rossiter, MT, 4th, 2:19.78; Ryan Elrich, W, 10th, 2:36.16; Blake Walker, W, 12th, 2:50.54

200-yard individual medley:

Preston Hines, W, 6th, 2:58.09

50-yard freestyle:

Ty Rose, W, 3rd, 25.39; Cameron Johnson, W, 6th, 26.41; Trevor Throckmorton, MT, 9th, 27.31; Kahlin Orso, MT, 13th, 32.48

100-yard butterfly:


100-yard freestyle:

Benaiah Harper, W, 6th, 58.95; Jacob Downing, MT, 8th, 1:03.60; Cameron Johnson, W, 10th, 1:06.01; Blake Walker, W, 11th, 1:13.87; Hunter Roush, MT, 12th, 1:14.04

500-yard freestyle:

Christian Rossiter, MT, 4th, 6:37.80; Ryan Elrich, W, 6th, 7:14.66

200-yard freestyle relay:

Washington, 4th, 1:49.00 (Ty Rose, Preston Hines, Cameron Johnson, Benaiah Harper); Miami Trace, 7th, 2:00.49 (Trevor Throckmorton, Hunter Roush, Kahlin Orso, Jacob Downing)

100-yard backstroke:

Benaiah Harper, W, 3rd, 1:17.30; Chandler Carr, W, 6th, 1:21.10

100-yard breaststroke:

Trevor Throckmorton, MT, 6th, 1:21.31; Preston Hines, W, 7th, 1:22.25

400-yard freestyle relay:

Washington, 5th, 4:23.09 (Ty Rose, Ryan Elrich, Chandler Carr, Benaiah Harper); Miami Trace, 7th, 4:55.11 (Jacob Downing, Hunter Roush, Kahlin Orso, Christian Rossiter)

By Chris Hoppes