MT, WHS swimmers compete in Athens

By Chris Hoppes -

ATHENS — The Washington and Miami Trace swim teams competed in a meet against Athens High School at Ohio University Friday, Jan. 3, 2020.

Athens won the girls meet with 302 points.

Washington was second with 113 points and Miami Trace was third with 75 points.

Athens also won the boys meet, scoring 171 points.

Washington was second with 134 points, followed by Miami Trace with 84 points and Federal Hocking with 31 points.

Washington’s Julianne Bailey set a new school record in the 100-yard butterfly, winning in 1:13.56.

Bailey also won the 100-yard breaststroke with a time of 1:17.13.

The Washington girls also set a new school record in the 200-yard medley relay, placing third in 2:15.48. Those relay members are Audrey Lotz, Bailey, Adeline Newsome and Chelsey Dawson.

Also at Athens, Washington’s Ty Rose won the 50-yard freestyle in 26.03. Rose captured the 100-yard freestyle in a time of 59.87.

Washington’s Benaiah Harper won the 100-yard backstroke in 1:20.80.

The Fayette County schools also competed in a meet in Chillicothe on Dec. 19.

Chillicothe won the girls meet with 121 points. Washington was second with 59 points and Miami Trace was third with 44 points.

In the boys meet, Chillicothe won with 131 points. Washington was second with 53 points and Miami Trace placed third with 29 points.

Washington and Miami Trace will swim at Wilmington Thursday at 5 p.m.

Miami Trace and Washington results in Athens:

Girls 200-yard medley relay:

Washington, 3rd, 2:15.48 (Audrey Lotz, Julianne Bailey, Adeline Newsome, Chelsey Dawson); Miami Trace, 4th, 2:37.96 (Keely McBride, Kate Leach, Emily Moser, Lilly Litteral); Washington, 5th, 2:40.84 (Jordan McCane, Eryne Croker, Madison Picklesimer, Chloe Lovett)

Boys 200-yard medley relay:

Washington, 2nd, 2:12.70 (Benaiah Harper, Reilly Downing, Preston Hines, Ty Rose); Miami Trace, 3rd, 2:22.45 (Jacob Downing, Trevor Throckmorton, Christian Rossiter, Kahlin Orso)

Girls 200-yard freestyle:

Emily Moser, MT, 5th, 2:46.93; Chelsey Dawson, W, 6th, 2:48.77; Abbie Brandt, MT, 7th, 2:53.36; Garren Walker, W, 8th, 3:09.08

Boys 200-yard freestyle:

Christian Rossiter, MT, 2nd, 2:25.76; Ryan Elrich, W, 6th, 2:37.34; Hunter Roush, MT, 7th, 3:00.37; Trevor Minyo, W, 8th, 3:28.81

Girls 200-yard individual medley:

Madison Picklesimer, W, 5th, 3:17.71; Kate Leach, MT, 6th, 3:29.75; Eryne Croker, W, 7th, 3:46.57; Emily McNeal, MT, 8th, 4:00.57

Boys 200-yard individual medley:

Reilly Downing, W, 4th, 2:56.45; Chandler Carr, W, 6th, 3:21.59

Girls 50-yard freestyle:

Lilly Litteral, MT, 4th, 29.42; Courtney Arnold, MT, 8th, 34.06; Chloe Lovett, W, 9th, 34.08; Chelsey Dawson, W, 10th, 34.42

Boys 50-yard freestyle:

Ty Rose, W, 1st, 26.03; Trevor Throckmorton, MT, 2nd, 27.20; Jacob Downing, MT, 3rd, 27.39; Blake Walker, W, 7th, 37.17

Girls 100-yard butterfly:

Julianne Bailey, W, 1st, 1:13.56; Adeline Newsome, W, 2nd, 1:16.03; Emily Moser, MT, 7th, 1:40.07

Boys 100-yard butterfly:

Preston Hines, W, 3rd, 1:23.08; Trevor Minyo, W, 4th, 1:35.71

Girls 100-yard freestyle:

Lilly Litteral, MT, 4th, 1:13.33; Abbie Brandt, MT, 5th, 1:18.21; Haley Brenner, W, 6th, 1:20.55; Garren Walker, W, 9th, 1:25.23

Boys 100-yard freestyle:

Ty Rose, W, 1st, 59.87; Benaiah Harper, W, 2nd, 1:02.48; Hunter Roush, MT, 5th, 1:11.98; Max Trimble, MT, 6th, 1:18.43; Kahlin Orso, MT, 7th, 1:20.10

Girls 500-yard freestyle:

Audrey Lotz, W, 4th, 6:35.37; Debbie Abare, MT, 6th, 8:01.88; Keely McBride, MT, 7th, 8:09.07; Haley Brenner, W, 8th, 8:59.52

Boys 500-yard freestyle:

Christian Rossiter, MT, 4th, 6:56.68; Ryan Elrich, W, 5th, 7:25.48; Blake Walker, W, 6th, 9:22.74

Girls 200-yard freestyle relay:

Washington, 3rd, 2:19.70 (Garren Walker, Chelsey Dawson, Chloe Lovett, Adeline Newsome); Washington, 4th, 2:20.46 (Eryne Croker, Madison Picklesimer, Jordan McCane, Haley Brenner); Miami Trace, 5th, 2:20.58 (Cameron Bucher, Abbie Brandt, Emily Moser, Debbie Abare); Miami Trace, 7th, 2:27.19 (Kaitlyn Arnold, Kate Leach, Emily McNeal, Courtney Arnold)

Boys 200-yard freestyle relay:

Washington, 2nd, 1:54.22 (Chandler Carr, Preston Hines, Benaiah Harper, Ty Rose); Miami Trace, 3rd, 2:00.66 (Trevor Throckmorton, Kahlin Orso, Hunter Roush, Jacob Downing); Washington, 5th, 2:22.02 (Ryan Elrich, Blake Walker, Reilly Downing, Trevor Minyo)

Girls 100-yard backstroke:

Audrey Lotz, W, 2nd, 1:16.11; Keely McBride, MT, 4th, 1:30.07; Jordan McCane, W, 5th, 1:40.78; Debbie Abare, MT, 6th, 1:40.82

Boys 100-yard backstroke:

Benaiah Harper, W, 1st, 1:20.80; Chandler Carr, W, 2nd, 1:22.20; Jacob Downing, MT, 4th, 1:26.28

Girls 100-yard breaststroke:

Julianne Bailey, W, 1st, 1:17.13; Kate Leach, MT, 4th, 1:35.28; Eryne Croker, W, 5th, 1:52.00

Boys 100-yard breaststroke:

Reilly Downing, W, 2nd, 1:23.90; Preston Hines, W, 3rd, 1:24.25; Trevor Throckmorton, MT, 4th, 1:27.53

Girls 400-yard freestyle relay:

Washington, 3rd, 4:43.90 (Audrey Lotz, Chloe Lovett, Adeline Newsome, Julianne Bailey); Miami Trace, 5th, 5:39.90 (Cameron Bucher, Abbie Brandt, Keely McBride, Lilly Litteral)

Boys 400-yard freestyle relay:

Miami Trace, 2nd, 5:28.00 (Kahlin Orso, Christian Rossiter, Hunter Roush, Max Trimble); Washington, 3rd, 5:38.10 (Chandler Carr, Blake Walker, Trevor Minyo, Ryan Elrich)

By Chris Hoppes