Cassidy Lovett

Parents: Roger and Stacy Lovett

Class Rank: 24/167

Type Course: College Prep

School: Miami Trace High School

Sports: Soccer, Cross-Country, Basketball, Softball

Part I – Athletics

(Must participate in at least two varsity sports)

Sport: Soccer No. Years: 2, Varsity Letters: 2

Sport: Cross-Country No. Years: 1, Varsity Letters: 1

Sport: Basketball No. Years: 4, Varsity Letters: 4

Sport: Softball No. Years: 3, Varsity Letters: 3

What special awards did this candidate receive as an athlete?


Freshman: Spark Plug Award, SCOL Championship, McDonalds Tournament Championship.

Sophomore: Schwartz Leadership Award, McDonalds Championship, SCOL Championship,

Sectional Championship, District Championship, Regional Championship, Final 4.

Junior: Leadership Award, Motivational Award, McDonalds Championship, SCOL Championship, Sectional Championship, First Team All League, Third Team All-District.

Senior: Sectional Championship, First Team All League, Second Team All District, Third Team All District, Associated Press, Team Captain, Leadership Award, Motivational Award.


Junior: Most Improved Player

Senior: Lockdown Defender Award, Second Team All District, Sectional Championship.

Cross Country:

Senior: 3rd Place Hillsboro Invitational, Top 7 League Meet

Part II – Scholastic

Grade point average: 3.51

Scholastic Awards:

I have been a member of the National Honors Society for 2 years and I have maintained a 4.0 the past two semesters. I have been the recipient of Honor Roll during my senior year and I have always been a part of the Honorable Mention club and the Honor Roll club since Elementary.

Part III – Leadership

List membership in and/or leadership roles held in any club, church, community or school organization.

(Also not community projects)

I spearheaded a variety of committees/ break off groups for 4-H and Church youth groups. I have also been involved in numerous charitable groups such as food drives for the Homeless Shelter, Secret Santa, Operation Christmas Child, incharge of gathering donations for the Ronald McDonald House, and serving and cooking lunch at the Ronald McDonald House for the families. I have assisted numerous youth organizations with skill camps, coaching, and counseling. I have mentored troubled youth at the local shelter. I have volunteered with elementary reading clubs and tutoring youth at local study tables. I am actively involved in FFA, Mitra, 4-H, National Honors Society, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes. I work at Barkers Tires and 4×4 from 11:30-3:30 daily and have done this while maintaining a 4.0.

Coach’s comments

It is an honor to nominate Cassidy Lovett for the Clarence A. Christman Award. Cassidy brings leadership and dedication to the program and her school activities. She is ranked 24 th out of 168 with a GPA 3.513. Her involvements are National Honor society, FFA, four year letterman at Basketball junior year received second team All League and second team Honorable mention, senior year first team All League, second team All district, two year letterman at soccer she made second team all district, one year letterman at cross country and she will be three year letterman at softball. Outside of school she has volunteered at Ronald McDonald house, little lady panthers basketball camps, Jeffersonville youth league, young cats softball, and has spoke at the rotary. Cassidy is a lady for a challenge. She has always proven people wrong with her work habits she never quits. As Cassidy moves on to college at Urbana, she will set goals that she wants and achieve them with the same high standards. She will major in education, so she can work with kids and be a coach.

Joe Henry, MT Head Softball Coach

Cassidy has an exceptional work ethic each and every day. She has been an inspiration to many young players with her determination on the floor over the past four years. Her passion for the game is infectious and always brought out the best in her teammates as well. She will forever be remembered as the Secretary of Defense as she was a defensive force every time she stepped onto the court. Cassidy also helped with the youth basketball program, played soccer and softball, is involved in 4-H, and is a member of the National Honors Society.

Ben Ackley, MT Head Girls Basketball Coach

Cassidy Lovett is an exceptional athlete and has definitely played a role in the of the growth of our Girls Soccer Program for the past 2 years. Cassidy first touched a soccer ball her junior year, but even being new to the sport she won our Lockdown Defender Award this past season. She has been a huge asset to our defense. With her tenacity she stops just about any attacker who approaches her with the ball, and with her speed she can recover to catch just about anyone else who breaks through our defensive line. There is no question she has the athletic ability, but that alone isn’t enough to make a great player. Cassidy also has a competitive spirit and the willingness to learn and challenge herself as a player. This is why, even as a new player, she quickly learned to how to fit perfectly into a defensive role. Her determination to grow as a player allowed her footwork and soccer knowledge to catch up with her athletic abilities and it truly made for a dangerous combination on the field.

Caitlin Francis, MT Head Girls Soccer Coach