Victoria Morrison

Parents: Bruce and Carmen Morrison

Class Rank: 1

Type Course: Honors Diploma, STEM, College Credit Plus

School: Miami Trace High School

Sports: Soccer, Swim, Track & Field, and Gymnastics.

Part I – Athletics

(Must participate in at least two varsity sports)

Sport: Soccer, No. Years 4, Varsity Letters 4

Sport: Swim, No. Years 4, Varsity Letters 4

Sport: Track & Field No. Years 4, Varsity Letters 4

Sport: Gymnastics No. Years 1 Varsity Letters 1

What special awards did this candidate receive as an athlete?

Soccer Team Captain 2019; Scholar Athlete Award 2015-2019; First Team All SCOL (Track, high jump) 2016; First Team All FAC (Track, 4 x 100 meter relay) 2019; District Champion (Track, 4 x 100 meter relay) 2018; School record holder for 100 meter backstroke (swim) 2018; School record holder for 4 x 100 meter relay (track) 2018; Rookie-of-the-Year Award (Track) 2016; Honorable Mention All-District Athlete Award (soccer) 2017; Second Team All-District Athlete Award (soccer) 2018


Soccer:11 goals, 6 assists, Captain, 4 Year Varsity Letterman

Swim: School record holder, 2-time District Qualifier, 4 Year Varsity Letterman

Track: school record holder, 2-time Regional Qualifier, 4 Year Varsity Letterman

Part II – Scholastic

Grade point average: 4.0

Scholastic Awards: (National Honor Society, for example):

Valedictorian; Top 10 Student, all four years; National Honor Society; Franklin B. Walter All-Scholastic Award; Rotary Outstanding Scholar Award; Elks Most-Valuable Student Award; Washington Lions Club Scholar; OSSCA Academic Excellence; Scholar Athlete Award, all four years

School-related projects (State Science Fair, library/office assistant, for example)

Teacher Assistant 2016-2018: Mrs. Stanley- choir teacher; Teacher Assistant 2018-2019: Mr. Barnard- calculus teacher

Part III – Leadership

List membership in and/or leadership roles held in any club, church, community or school organization. (Also not community projects)

Key Club Secretary; Student Government member; Spanish Club member; Heritage Memorial Church Youth member; Heritage Memorial Church Worship Team leader

Coach’s comments concerning leadership abilities

Tori Morrison is an extraordinary young woman whom I have had the pleasure for coaching for the past 4 years on the Girls Varsity Soccer Team. Tori was one of our captains and was a powerhouse in the center of the field. When Tori is on fire, the whole tempo of the game changes for our team. I have seen her take on 2-3 opponents and power through them with the ball.

Her teammates are driven to step up when they see Tori’s determination on the field. This season she had 4 goals and 2 assists; however, her contributions cannot all be seen in the statistics as many times she is the one who carries the ball down the field and sets up the offensive attack, moving the ball to her teammates who take it to the goal. For her skill and hard work this season, she received 2nd Team All-District against very tough competition.

Tori demonstrated great sportsmanship throughout the season, she along with her fellow captains decided to ask each of our opponents to pray after each game, no matter the circumstances of the game. She is a selfless and determined player, one of the most enjoyable athletes I have ever coached.

Caitlin Francis, Head MT Girls Soccer Coach

It is a privilege to nominate Tori Morrison, of Miami Trace for the 2019 Christman Award. Tori is an outstanding young lady of sound character, who is accustomed to hard work. She takes pride in her academics, carrying an impressive 4.0 G.P.A. and will be one of the Valedictorians in her class.

In addition to participating in athletics, she is also involved in numerous other school clubs and activities and community projects. Tori’s involvement in such an array of activities has paved an avenue of success for her later in life.

In her four-years as a track and field athlete, Tori has been very dedicated. There have been many times I have had to make her stop practicing for fear of overdoing it the night before a meet. I have seen Tori bring the same attitude and determination from the classroom onto the track. She has shown an incredible work ethic and a willingness to put forth the extra effort to accomplish her goals.

She has been a captain and three-sport varsity letter winner. She has also been a District Champion as a member of the 4 X 100 Meter Relay team and Regional Qualifier in High Jump as well.

Brent Noes, MT Head Track Coach