Tabby Woods

Parents: Kevin Woods and Darlanna Williamson

Class Rank: 17

Type Course: College Credit Plus – Chemistry 1101, ENGL 1101 & ENGL 1102, Am. Gov I & II, Algebra, West Civ. II

School: Washington High School

Sports: Volleyball, Basketball, Track

Part I – Athletics

(Must participate in at least two varsity sports)

Sport: Volleyball, No. Years 4, Varsity Letters 2

Sport: Basketball, No. Years 4, Varsity Letters 4

Sport: Track, No. Years 4, Varsity Letters 4

What special awards did this candidate receive as an athlete?

Basketball – Two-time Sectional Champions, District Champions, Regional Qualifier

Track – Regional Qualifier in 4 x 400-meter relay

Volleyball- Team Captain 2018


2018 Volleyball season stats: 27 ace serves, 141 digs, 167 serve receives.

Career Volleyball stats: Played in 139 sets, with an average of 2.2 digs per set, 311 digs, 35 aces, and 385 serve receives.

Part II – Scholastic

Grade point average: 3.26

Scholastic Awards: (National Honor Society, for example):

5 years of Academy of Scholars

School-related projects (State Science Fair, library/office assistant, for example)

Coach’s comments concerning leadership abilities

Tabby is a well-rounded student athlete that commits herself wholeheartedly to the things that she does. I’ve had the privilege to coach Tabby for the past four years and see her determination lead her to gain new heights each year. As a versatile player, she always wanted to do what was best for the team, always wanting to perform her best for whatever job was her’s in that moment. Some jobs were easier than others and she faced a lot of struggles, but her leadership came through her attitude and perseverance above all else.

She was never a stagnant player, always working to get better each time she participated in an open gym, practice, or workout session. Most people when they watch Tabby compete, they see the hustle and determination that shapes her leadership. It has never been loud, or obnoxious, but in way that quietly shows what a humble leader looks like- one that knows the ropes, knows the expectations, and sets the bar higher every time for herself and her competitors. With the good days that are successful, come also the struggles with the not so great days- Tabby is a warrior.

She always carried herself in a way that people knew she was a competitor, someone that was up for a challenge, but always someone that desired to tweak every small detail in her game to make it better. She carried a job, helped transport her younger sibling, supported the many after school and weekend clinics that we would host for our youth, and did it all with a smile and great attitude as she balanced the life of a young adult. She’s often seen heading the efforts for sales or fundraisers to support the clubs and activities she is in. She has even given time to volunteer to work off season events that her team commits to- showing up with a smile and spark to make everyone enjoy being in her presence.

Her leadership comes about in different areas and ways that prove she is striving to not only to expose her full potential, but to ignite that fire in others as well. I would like to thank you for considering

Tabby Woods as the recipient of the 2019 Christman Award Winner, as she is a diamond in the rough, a true inspiration to competitors and leaders all around Fayette County.

– Ashley DeAtley


Tabby Woods has been part of the Lady Lion track team for four years. She has been very successful both on the track and in the classroom. Seeing the her grow over the years into a great athlete and an even better leader this year as a senior has been a joy to see. Her hard work attitude has made her one of the best runners in our area and has inspired some of our younger athletes to work like she does in practice.

Tabby has taken more of a vocal role this year with our team and knows what to say to our team to motivate them and give their best effort. During the summer time she has come back to work with our youth track club Excel mentoring the younger athletes and giving back to a program she participated in as a youth.

I am proud to nominate student-athlete Tabby Woods for the 2019 Christman Award.

– Louis Reid


Tabby has been an excellent leader within our program over the last few years. She is one of the hardest working kids I have had the privilege of coaching. On the basketball court, Tabby does a lot of the little things that typically don’t get recognized but are so crucial to the team. She understood her role and why it was so important. She is a great team player and always puts her teammates above herself.

Tabby was a huge part of the success we had this season and stepped up when we needed her the most. Tabby has kept herself busy with a full course load from Southern State and a part-time job.

I’ve always been impressed with ability to juggle so much at one time-And even more so impressed with the manner and attitude in which she did it. Tabby is a resilient competitor and I feel extremely honored to have had the opportunity to coach her the last three years.

– Samantha Leach