Shrey Maniya

Parents: Jit and Ila Maniya

Class Rank: 5

Type Course: AP Calculus, AP Chemistry, AP English Literature and Composition, CCP Western Civilization 1, CCP Western Civilization 2

School: Washington High School

Sports: Soccer, Bowling, Tennis

Part I – Athletics

(Must participate in at least two varsity sports)

Sport: Bowling, No. Years 2 Varsity Letters 2

Sport: Soccer, No. Years 2 Varsity Letters 1

Sport: Tennis, No. Years 1 Varsity Letters

What special awards did this candidate receive as an athlete?

Anchoring some bowling games; placed 8th place for Districts in the states competition for the solo competition


Averaged 186 score on bowling, played JV for tennis but went undefeated

Part II – Scholastic

Grade point average: 3.86

Scholastic Awards: (National Honor Society, for example):

Academy of Scholars, Honors with Distinction, 2019 Outstanding Scholar awarded by Rotary, 1st place medal in districts at DECA, 2 1st place medals in district competition in DECA, Top 10 finalist for state competition medal at states competition for DECA

School-related projects (State Science Fair, library/office assistant, for example)

Senior Caucus Treasurer, Superintendent Student Advisory Council, We the People, Hi-Y, Youth in Government

Part III – Leadership

List membership in and/or leadership roles held in any club, church, community or school organization.

(Also not community projects)

Vice President of Leadership of DECA, Varsity Quick Recall, Co-Chairperson for SSAC, Helped organize the Blood Drive at Buckeye Boys’ State, Helped organize annual Block Party for town, Trunk or Treat

Coach’s comments concerning leadership abilities

Shrey was always able to make his teammates smile and keep their focus on the game. When the team needed a pick me up or a reason to believe they could still do well, Shrey was there encouraging them.

– Luke Krohn