MT j-v Panthers fall short to McClain, 8-7

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GREENFIELD — The Miami Trace Lady Panthers JV softball team fell short to McClain on Friday, April 5 with an 8-7 loss in Greenfield.

Sierra Kyle started the game off right. She was the first batter up to the plate and she drilled a home run for the Panthers. Also scoring for the Panthers in the first inning were Kayleigh Vincent and Alexia Fox. As the Panthers took the field, second baseman, Savannah Wisecup started the defense off with a fly ball catch from McClain’s first batter.

Pitcher, Lorelei King and the team held McClain with a first inning end score of 3-0 Panthers.

The Panthers allowed one run for McClain in the second inning bringing a close to the second inning 3-1 Panthers.

In the third inning, King hit a double, followed by Fox who hit a single that was able to bring King in for a score.

Keely McBride also had a single.

After a home run hit by McClain that brought in two runs, the j-v Lady Panthers were able to hold McClain the rest of the inning.

Left fielder Chelsi Knisley was able to quickly get the ball to Kyle who was able to get it to Wisecup for the out at second. Shortstop Sierra Kyle was able to get a quick toss to first baseman Siara Eggleton for the second out of the inning. Wisecup brought the inning to a close with another fly ball catch, ending the inning 4-3 Panthers.

In the fourth inning, Taylor Fenner and Vincent both had walks, and Kyle had a single.

Defensively, Wisecup threw to Eggleton to make the first out. Fox was able to get the ball from a bunt hit and get the ball to Wisecup who backed up first base for the second out. McClain got a home run with two runners on base to bring the score to 5-4 McClain. Pitcher King ended the fourth inning with a strikeout pitch.

Wisecup had a walk and Fenner had a single to start the fifth inning. Kyle then hit a single that brought in Wisecup. Vincent hit a single and McBride stepped in as pinch runner. King stepped up to the plate and hit a single that brought Fenner and Kyle in to make the score 7-5 Panthers.

Once in the field, the Panthers played good defense as Fox recorded the first out with a fly ball catch, then Wisecup and Eggleton made the second out. The inning ended with a fly ball catch by Wisecup.

Eggleton had a single in the sixth inning. Center fielder Lahni Stachler caught a fly ball for the first out, and Wisecup and Eggleton made the second out. McClain hit a grand slam home run which brought the score to 8-7 McClain. Stachler was able to stop the next batter from getting on base with another fly ball catch to center field.

Unfortunately, the Panthers were unable to gain any additional runs in the top of the seventh inning by having three up, three down. The final score was 8-7 McClain.

Lorelei King pitched seven innings with one strike out.

“We had to change up our catcher to start the game,” Miami Trace coach Todd Kirkpatrick said. “But the team stepped up and worked together.”

Just before the game started, the Panthers had to switch up their lineup when catcher, Paighten Reed had to sit the bench due to a warm-up injury, but her position was filled by Kayleigh Vincent who stepped back on the field at this game after getting off of the injured list herself.

Teamwork was key to the Panthers staying in the game. Co-captain Savannah Wisecup complimented the team in the post-game huddle, “We had good catches and we didn’t give up.”

Co-Captain Lahni Stachler praised her teammates, “Way to keep our heads up. We fought to the end.”

Submitted article