Blue Lion bowling starts season 5-1

By Chris Hoppes -

The Washington Blue Lion boys bowling team, defending SCOL champions from 2015, have begun the 2015-16 season with a record of 5-1.

The Blue Lions are 2-0 with wins over Miami Trace and Clinton-Massie.

On Nov. 17, Washington began the season with a match at Shawnee Lanes in Chillicothe against the Unioto Shermans.

Washington defeated Unioto, 2,084 to 1,548.

Sophomore Brandon Underwood led the Blue Lions with a two-game series score of 482 (games of 247 and 235).

Freshman Austin Knisley rolled a combined score of 360 (223 and 137).

Sophomore Grant Mustain bowled a 322 (161 and 161).

Sophomore Chase Spangler had a score of 301 (games of 155 and 146).

Sophomore Greyson Pemberton bowled a 126 and a 157 for a total of 283.

Washington had Baker game scores of 174 and 162.

On Dec. 1, Washington played Westfall at Star Dust Lanes in Grove City.

Washington won this match soundly, 2,009 to 1,588.

Brandon Underwood had a two-game total of 400 (243 and 157).

Austin Knisley had a two-game series of 387 (202 and 185).

Grant Mustain rolled a 138 and a 168 for a total of 306.

Greyson Pemberton had a score of 234 (132 and 102).

Chase Spangler bowled a game of 121 and junior Mike Kotlinski bowled a 175 game.

The Blue Lions had Baker game totals of 205 and 181.

Washington bowled a season-high total of 2,475 against Miami Trace’s 2,368 on Dec. 2.

Brandon Underwood led the match for the Blue Lions with a 404 (191 and 213).

Austin Knisley rolled a 179 and 216 for a total of 395.

Grant Mustain bowled a 369 (170 and 199).

Mike Kotlinski had a 358 two-game series (203 and 155).

Chase Spangler bowled a 326 (games of 137 and 189).

Washington had Baker game scores of 201, 245 and 177.

For Miami Trace, senior Jameson Rowland led with a 402 (167 and 235).

Senior Nate Anderson bowled a 192 and 163 for a total of 355.

Sophomore Jackson Perkins bowled a 352 (182 and 170).

Junior Devan Harmon had a two-game series total of 346 (171 and 175).

Sophomore Blake Bradshaw had a score of 317 (159 and 158).

The Panthers had Baker game scores of 182, 223 and 191.

At Wellston on Dec. 5, Washington won with a team score of 1,783 to 1,440 for Wellston.

Chase Spangler rolled a 373 (168 and 205).

Brandon Underwood had a score of 319 (159 and 160).

Grant Mustain had two-game series total of 288 (163 and 125).

Austin Knisley had a score of 286 (104 and 182).

Mike Kotlinski bowled a 286 (104 and 182).

The Blue Lions had Baker game results of 116 and 163.

On Dec. 7 and LeElla Lanes, Washington hosted the Pioneers of Zane Trace.

This resulted in Washington’s first and so far only loss of the year, 2,325 for Zane Trace to 2,254 for the Blue Lions.

Austin Knisley led Washington with a score of 393 (216 and 177).

Brandon Underwood rolled a 368 (169 and 199).

Grant Mustain had a 349 score (202 and 147).

Mike Kotlinski had a 344 total (172 and 172).

Chase Spangler rolled a 298 (151 and 147).

Washington had Baker game scores of 179, 168 and 155.

Returning to SCOL action on Dec. 8, Washington defeated Clinton-Massie, 2,454 to 2,329 at Royal Z Lanes in Wilmington.

Brandon Underwood rolled a 453 (216 and 237).

Austin Knisley had a 427 (210 and 217).

Mike Kotlinski bowled a 370 (177 and 193).

Grant Mustain rolled a two-game series of 335 (192 and 143).

Chase Spangler had a game of 162 and Greyson Pemberton rolled a 123 game.

Washington had Baker game results of 210, 192 and 182.

“We’ve started the season well, surprisingly well for as young a team as we are,” Washington coach Mark Underwood said. “We’re basically three sophomores, one freshman and one junior. We have no seniors. So, we’re a really young team. So, I’m quite pleased with where we’re at right now.”

So far this season, Washington’s best team score is the 2,475 rolled against Miami Trace.

Last year, the team’s best score was well over 2,800, according to Underwood.

“We graduated four seniors last year,” Underwood said. “We were a pretty mature team last year. It was a banner year, if you will.”

Washington went undefeated against SCOL teams during the regular season last year.

The Blue Lions were third in the SCOL tournament, but still won the overall SCOL title.

“Other than the one house in Wellston, we’ve performed pretty well on the road,” Underwood said. “We’ve only had a couple of scores here in the house (LeElla Lanes). They’ve been okay, but, we’re actually scoring better on the road than we are here. It’s kind of ironic.

“I think we’re going to give teams a run for their money this year,” Underwood said. “We’re going to win ugly. We’re not going to win big, we’re going to win ugly.”

Washington will be back in action today at the Jonathan Alder Bash in Plain City.

The Blue Lions host McClain Monday at 3:45 p.m.

By Chris Hoppes

Reach Chris Hoppes at 740-335-3611, ext. 1104, or on Twitter @choppes1

Reach Chris Hoppes at 740-335-3611, ext. 1104, or on Twitter @choppes1