MT bowling beats Blue Lions

By Chris Hoppes -

The Washington High School and Miami Trace High School bowling teams met in a Frontier Athletic Conference match at LeElla Lanes Thursday, Feb. 7.

Miami Trace won the girls’ match, 2,306 to 1,924.

The Panthers won the boys’ match, 2,584 to 2,285.

A state-qualifier from last season, Gabby McCord, led Miami Trace with 258 game. She also had a 173 game score.

Also for Miami Trace, Macie Caudill had a 182 and a 157; Hannah Miller rolled a 201 and a 143; Lindsey Stump had a 151; Ashtin Ruth had a 178 game and Brei Eick had a 163 and a 149 for a total of 1,755.

To that score, Miami Trace added baker game scores of 193, 175 and 183 to arrive at their winning total of 2,306.

Lindsey Buckner had the high game of 199 for Washington. She also had a 178 game score.

Brooklyn Foose had games of 149 and 157; Jessika Young had a 120 and a 131; Hanna Yoho had a 155 and a 125 and Maitlyn Cave had a 139 and a 173 game.

That gave Washington a pin count of 1,526.

In their baker games, Washington had scores of 120, 114 and 164 for their final score of 1,924.

In the boys’ match, Andrew Amore led Miami Trace with a 244 and a 278.

Mike West had a 215 and a 187; James Kizer rolled a 146; Luke Everhart had a 139; Conner Collins had a 225 and a 209 and Jay Caudill had a 186 and a 227 for a count of 2,056.

The Panthers had baker games of 142, 204 and 182 to achieve their final pin total of 2,584.

For the Blue Lions, Austin Knisley led with a 232. He also bowled a 168 game.

Kylan Rowland had a 201 and a 205 game score; Owen Mullins had a 198 and a 191; Shrey Maniya had a 142 and a 159; Garrett Coy had a 129 and Brock Carter a 114 for a total of 1,739 pins.

Washington had baker game scores of 221, 161 and 164 for their final result of 2,285.

By Chris Hoppes