Browns’ Peppers dealing with hostile fan backlash

BEREA, Ohio (AP) — Browns defensive back Jabrill Peppers has stopped going out in public by himself after hostile confrontations with Cleveland fans.

Peppers said the exchanges “happen a lot” and he knows some of the encounters are due to his lack of production. Other times, he says the conflicts are partly because he went to Michigan and plays in a city where rival Ohio State fans are abundant.

A first-round pick in 2017, Peppers has not lived up to expectations and know he needs to play better.

Peppers said he has even tried to cover up by wearing a hoodie in public, but still has been subjected to fan abuse, including some conflicts that have nearly gotten physical.

The 23-year-old said the experiences have not soured him on Cleveland and that appreciates the fans’ passion.

“I’m not playing up to my potential and they see that,” he said.