Brewers fans wait in rain to welcome division champs home

MILWAUKEE (AP) — Loyal Milwaukee Brewers fans waited in the pouring rain to welcome the team home from Wrigley Field where they clinched the National League Central Division after defeating the Chicago Cubs.

Fans cheered as the buses carrying the Brewers arrived at Miller Park Monday night.

The month of October started off on a high note for Brewers fans, despite the rainy, gloomy first day. The Brewers won their first Central title since 2011, beating the Cubs 3-1 in a tiebreaker game earlier Monday.

After watching the game at Kelly’s Bleachers near Miller Park, some fans headed straight to the ballpark to celebrate the victory over the rival Cubs and welcome the team home. The Brewers Team Store stayed open all night long so fans could load up on Brew Crew gear.