By Chris Hoppes -

HILLSBORO — The Miami Trace boys cross country team placed second at the Ohio Classic Cross Country Extravaganza held in Hillsboro Saturday, Sept. 1.

Fairfield (Leesburg) won the event with 25 placement points, including having five runners place in the top nine out of 85 runners.

Bo Little was the first Panther to cross the finish line, placing seventh in 18:19.

Simon DeBruin was 11th in 18:38 and Henry DeBruin was 12th in 18:38.

Caleb Brannigan was 13th in 18:48 and Mcale Callahan placed 18th in 19:25.

Connor Bucher was 28th in 20:44 and Jaden Rowe was 35th in 21:38.

Western Brown’s Chase Easterling won the boys’ race in 17:03.

Ethan Davis of Fairfield was second in 17:53; Austin Setty was third in 18:02; Cohen Frost placed fifth in 18:14; Brandston Duffie was sixth in 18:18; Bennett Hodson placed ninth in 18:31. Also for Fairfield, Blake Haines was 19th in 19:29 and Gavin Campbell was 20th in 19:40.

Reece Schluep was the first Tiger to finish for McClain, placing 15th in 19:20.

Other Tigers and their times and placements: Lyle White, 30th, 21:08; Luke Bliss, 32nd, 21:16; Paul Bliss, 34th, 21:29; Miles McMurry, 51st, 24:52; Chance Lane, 52nd, 25:18; Ty Baker, 53rd, 25:19.

As a team, McClain placed sixth with 162 placement points.

Aidan Henson of East Clinton was fourth in 18:11.

The Astros placed seventh with 174 points.

Hillsboro was eighth with 195 points.

Alex Rensing was the first runner from HHS to finish, placing 23rd in 20:02.

The Lady Panthers placed fifth out of seven teams at Hillsboro with 120 points.

Cassidy Lovett placed fourth with a time of 22:42.

Mallory Conklin was eighth in 24:04.

Hazen Jacobs was 35th for Miami Trace in 33:15; Lilly Litteral was 36th in 34:07; Hayley Lucas was 37th in 34:07; Mallory Pavey was 40th in 34:28 and Lorelei King was 41st in 35:52.

Leesburg Fairfield won the high school girls meet with 48 placement points.

Ciara Colwell of Fairfield won the race in 21:19.

Also for Fairfield: Morgan Richmond, 9th, 24:25; Megan Gragg, 10th, 24:45; Anna Davis, 12th, 25:18; Audra Greiner, 16th, 25:58; Makenna Colwell, 18th, 26:27; Emily Price, 23rd, 27:40.

Mollie McCreary of Hillsboro was third in 22:26.

East Clinton’s Carah Antek placed sixth in 23:53.

There were 58 runners in the high school girls’ race.

In the middle school girls’ race, Autumn White of Greenfield won in a time of 14:10.

As a team, Greenfield was fourth with 99 placement points.

Other finishers for Greenfield middle school girls: Hailey Legge, 11th, 15:13; Kathy Alvarez, 24th, 17:56; Addy Smith, 31st, 23:03; Lillian Bateman, 32nd, 23:18.

For Miami Trace, Meghan Cory was 14th in 15:36.

Other finishers for Miami Trace: Hillary McCoy, 22nd, 17:13; Mara Simonson, 27th, 22:18; Kelsey Pettit, 28th, 22:19; Sarah Warner, 29th, 22:49; Jacinta Pettit, 30th, 22:58.

Ramsey Haines of Hillsboro placed second in 14:27.

There were 51 runners in the middle school girls race.

Fairfield won the middle school boys race with 32 placement points.

Landry Hatton won the race in 12:40.

Also for Fairfield: Larkin Friend, 4th, 14:02; T.J. Mootz, 5th, 14:04; Britton Campbell, 10th, 14:20; Dalton Hampton, 12th, 14:43; Noah Allering, 14th, 14:55; Nolan Campbell, 16th, 14:57.

Miami Trace was third out of five teams with 77 placement points.

Eli Fliehman was 11th in 14:36.

Also for Miami Trace: Isaiah Reisinger, 13th, 14:54; Christian Rossiter, 15th, 14:56; Eli Miller, 18th, 15:15; Max Trimble, 20th, 15:32; Cole Little, 22nd, 15:57; Vincent Munro, 23rd, 15:58.

Miami Trace will compete in the Aaron Reed Memorial at Southeastern High School Saturday.

By Chris Hoppes